Megaways Technology
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Megaways Technology

What is Megaways technology? 

Megaways is a technology that was invented and developed by online gaming provider Big Time Gaming. This gaming mode was created by this talented Australian group back in 2015 in order to satisfy the online community and give a new impetus to this ever-growing gaming environment.  

This innovative and revolutionary mechanism has greatly changed the face of the online casino environment, and Megaways has very quickly become a must-have technology in the world of slots. 

The Megaways game mode was first released on Dragon Born in 2015, but it wasn't until the following year that this technology went from insignificant to must-have. This shift was established with the release of the now hugely popular slot machine Bonanza.  

The launch of this online game was a complete success for Big Time Gaming, who realized that Megaways was a genius concept that would be one of the most widely used game modes of the next few years. 

In this article, Lucky7Bonus takes you on a tour of what Megaways really is, a technology that may seem rather complex at first glance but turns out to be quite simple to understand. 

How Megaways works 

The different Megaways connections 

The main novelty offered by slot machines featuring Megaways technology lies in the paylines. While classic slot machines offer an average of between 10 and 40 paylines, Megaways offers up to 117,649 lines! This staggering figure offers players a virtually unlimited number of connections. 

As Nik Robinson, CEO of Big Time Gaming, the company behind Megaways, explains, the aim of this technology is first and foremost for users to be able to visualize, in a simplified way, the incredible potential of slot machines based on the Megaways game mode. 

Indeed, the objective of these slot machines is to connect identical symbols on at least the first three reels, without their position on each reel being particularly important.  

What's more, when a symbol connects, it disappears from the grid and new symbols appear on the slot. As a result, you'll soon realize which symbol(s) you're missing, so you can make further connections to increase your winnings. 

The only condition for making connections is that at least the first three reels must have identical symbols. If a large number of symbols appear, but this condition is not met, then you won't win any money on this spin.  

The infographic below shows two possible scenarios. On the left, green symbols connect to each other, so winnings will be made, while on the right, there are no identical symbols on the third reel, which means you'll lose out on this Megaways spin. 

Megaways payline calculation 

The vast majority of slot machines based on Megaways technology use a 6-reel format. Between 2 and 7 symbols will appear on each reel. These numbers are determined at random and are different for each reel.  

On some slot machine games that feature Megaways technology, the format may also contain an additional bar at the top or bottom. This additional bar would include 4 additional symbols on reels 2 to 5.  

Although it may seem complicated at first glance, line calculation is extremely simple with Megaways. With each spin, the slot machine offers you a number corresponding to the paylines on that spin. 

To obtain the number of Megaways, simply multiply the number of symbols on each reel by the number of Megaways. 

Let's take the example of the recent, but already cult, slot machine game, The Dog House Megaways. 

The infographic above shows the following: 

  • 4 symbols on the first reel,¬†

  • 7 symbols on the second reel,¬†

  • 4 symbols on the third reel,¬†

  • 5 symbols on the fourth reel,¬†

  • 7 symbols on the fifth reel,¬†

  • 5 symbols on the last reel.¬†

To obtain the number of Megaways, simply multiply all these symbols together: 

4x7x4x5x7x5=19,600 Megaways. 

This spin also features a large number of identical symbols. However, since these symbols don't connect to each other from the first reel, this spin will result in a loss. 

Many slot machines use Megaways 

Megaways technology has greatly changed the online casino landscape. Due to the dazzling success of slot machines based on this mode of play, other software providers began to take an interest in Megaways. Most of these game suppliers decided to outright buy the rights held by Big Time Gaming in order to create their own Megaways slot machines. 

As a result of this, a large number of slot machines featuring this technology have emerged. These include the following excellent examples: 

Our opinion on Megaways technology 

A revolutionary feature in the world of slot machines, Megaways technology has become one of the most widely played game modes to date. Thanks to its highly attractive visuals and multiple winning possibilities, this creation is a real success on the part of Big Time Gaming. 

Many casinos offer slot machines using Megaways technology. Millionz Casino, a highly reputable gaming platform in the Canadian iGaming market, is one of them! 

Exclusive bonus

Given this considerable success, many online gaming providers have adopted its principle, creating dozens of slot machines using Megaways as paylines. Thanks to this colossal number of potential connections, the volatility and maximum winnings of these slots are very high. 

In this ever attractive but sometimes somewhat redundant online casino environment, the atypical gaming experience offered by the Megaways technology has delighted its users. One thing's for sure: if you decide to play these slot machine games, you most certainly won't get bored thanks to Megaways technology! 

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