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Released on the 29th of November 2023, Treasure Island Live is one of Pragmatic Play’s most recent live game releases. 

In this article, our team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus will be delving into all that you need to know about this exciting game. 

Keep reading if you’d like more insight into the way the game works, the bonus features available, how this game compares to other Pragmatic Play releases, and our overall opinion of the game! 

How Treasure Island Live works 

Treasure Island Live is a live casino game recently released by Pragmatic Play, one of the leading software providers in the iGaming industry.  

Inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s much-loved novel, Treasure Island, this desert island-themed game sets players up for an exciting voyage, at the core of which lies a hidden treasure and the drive to uncover its riches. 

As the game progresses, the player can get acquainted with some of the famous characters of Stevenson's novel: Billy Bones, Long John Silver, and Captain Flint

The core of the game consists of a 54-segment wheel that is divided into several Instant Win Prizes and 6 Bonus Rounds

The Bonus Rounds are particularly relevant, as they constitute a large part of the gameplay. It is in these segments that the player can potentially boost his winnings considerably. 

The base game itself is a low volatile game, meaning that the player can expect low but frequent wins. 

In the following sections, we will break down exactly how both this base game and the bonus rounds work. 

How to play Treasure Island Live 

Treasure Island Live works much in the same way as any other big wheel live entertainment game show. Pragmatic Play’s game, however, includes several innovative features that no other has integrated before: 

  1. The player is first introduced to the 54-segment wheel by a charismatic host. The wheel is divided into 6 Bonus rounds, each of which is named after a famous character in Treasure Island, as well as segments corresponding to 3 differently colored gems

  2. These gems do not correspond to a fixed multiplier payout. Rather, each multiplier is selected after the 12 second betting window has closed, and before each spin of the wheel. These multipliers can range between x1 and x50

  3. Both the ‘Wild Collector’ and ‘Great Scavenger’ Bonus segments pay Instant Wins

  4. If the wheel lands on the ‘Ben’s Lost Marbles’ Bonus segment, the player is transported to a Pachinko-style game in which a live roll of the dice will determine the number of pockets within the machine to be used. 

  5. The ‘John’s Silver’s Loot’ Bonus segment requires no interaction from the player. Here, a Lotto-style machine will select 10 colored balls. 

  6. In the ‘Billy Bones’s Map’ Bonus segment, the player must choose 10 tiles on a map with the aim of uncovering the hidden keys beneath. 

  7. Finally, the ‘Captain Flint’s Treasure’ bonus segment requires the player to choose the correct path through six levels of barrels.  

The different gems 

The 54-segment wheel of Treasure Island Live features 3 differently colored gems, each of which is assigned a different range of potential multiplier values

  • Topaz (Yellow): x1 to x5 

  • Emerald (Green): x1 to x20 

  • Ruby (Red): x3 to x50 

Keep in mind that these 3 gems do not have a fixed multiplier. As we have previously stated, the game works in such a way as to keep the player unaware of each gem multiplier value until after he has already placed his bet. 

In this way, before each spin of the wheel, a 12 second betting window is given for the player to place his bets, followed by the reveal of each gem multiplier value, and then by the spinning of the wheel itself. 

The gems are present on several segments of the wheel, either alone, or in combination with other gems. If the wheel falls on the gem that you have placed your bet on, it will award you with an Instant Win.              

Treasure Island Live Casino bonuses 

Pragmatic Play’s intriguing live game features 6 different bonus rounds, each of which can reward the player in multiple different and exciting ways. 

The payouts of each bonus round of Treasure Island Live are vastly different, and the effort required on the player’s part also differs from one bonus round to the next. 

In the following sections of this article, we will go into much further detail about each individual bonus round. 

If you’d like to give a go at locating the treasure hidden within this game, you may follow the map towards Pragmatic Play’s Treasure Island available at Millionz Casino

Bonus Features 

The following are the Bonus Features present in this live game. Both Bonus Segments listed below reward the player with Instant Wins

Your hunt for the much-coveted treasure on Pragmatic Play’s Treasure Island Live can be boosted by landing on these segments of the wheel! 

Wild Collector 

The ‘Wild Collector’ bonus occupies 3 segments on the wheel and has an RTP of 96.56%

When the wheel stops on this quick-fire segment, the player is given an Instant Win

The payout of this feature is calculated based on your initial bet and the combined value of the gem multipliers:

  • The minimum payout is 2:1 

  • The maximum payout is 900:1 

Since this bonus feature only occupies 3 segments of the wheel, the probability of this bonus being triggered is 5.5%

Great Scavenger 

The ‘Great Scavenger’ bonus occupies 4 segments on the wheel; therefore, it has a 7.41% chance of being triggered

The RTP of this segment is 96.53% and consists of an Instant Win feature. 

The payout of this bonus falls between x3 and x450

It is calculated based on the number of lit lamps on each of the 3 Gem slots, combined with the multiplier value of that lit slot.  

There is the possibility that, following the wheel landing on this segment, the gem slots will re-spin in order to reveal a higher multiplier value. This occurs at random, however, and the player should not expect it every round. 

Bonus Games 

The bonus games are the highlight of Pragmatic Play’s live game. In this section, our gambling specialists have compiled a detailed account of each bonus segment of Treasure Island Live. 

Keep in mind that there’s a 72.2% chance that the wheel will land on a gem, and a 27.7% chance of the wheel landing on a bonus round

Ben’s Lost Marbles 

Ben’s Lost Marbles occupies 3 segments on the wheel and is based on a Pachinko or Pinball style game

During this bonus round, a live roll of 3 dice will determine the number of pockets in the machine that will be used. 

The marbles will be dropped from the top and either get caught in the various empty pockets within the machine or miss the pocket and be discarded. Each pocket has been assigned a different multiplier value

The greater the number of marbles that get collected in these pockets, and the higher the multiplier of the pocket that the marbles fall into, the larger the final payout will be. 

The potential payout of this round falls between 2x and x10,000, whilst the RTP ranges between 96.39% and 96.54%

Besides the dice roll that takes place at the beginning of the round, the entire bonus segment is all RNG

John Silver’s Loot 

John Silver’s Loot occupies 2 segments on the wheel and utilizes a bingo-style machine

40 differently colored balls are used in this segment, each of which is assigned a different multiplier value

The colors of these balls correspond to the gems and their respective multiplier values that were determined at the beginning of the game. Additionally, black balls are included amongst these colored balls.  

Up to 10 balls can be drawn from the bingo-style machine, but if one of these black balls are drawn, it reduces this number down to 5

Unlike the other bonus rounds, this segment of the game requires no player interaction whatsoever. 

The RTP of this segment is 96.54%, and the payout ranges between x2 and x10,000

Billy Bones’ Map 

Billy Bones’ Map occupies 2 segments on the wheel. The RTP of this segment is 96.55%, whilst the payout falls between x5 and a whopping x15,450

This is the highest potentially paying segment of the live game. 

During this bonus round, the player is shown an 8x8 grid map. Under each square of the map, there are several gems and 3 hidden keys.  

The goal of the player is to select the correct squares that have the keys hidden beneath. 

The player is given five tries at selecting these squares. 

If the player can find all 3 correct squares, the keys underneath will open the treasure chest containing the big payout

The player who only manages to unearth the hidden gems will still be able to obtain their value

Captain Flint’s Treasure 

Captain Flint’s Treasure only occupies one segment of the wheel. It is the final bonus round of the live game and perhaps the most coveted. 

During this game, the player must make his way through 6 different levels.  

A 7x6 grid of barrels is shown, and the player must pick a barrel at each level. 

With each selection, a line of barrels are cracked open to reveal what lies within: A gem or a skull.  

A gem will award the player with the multiplier shown, whilst a skull will signify the end of the game, preventing the player from progressing to the remaining levels. 

The total number of skulls is 10: Level 1 and 2 have no skulls, level 3 has 1 skull, and levels 4, 5, and 6 hide 3 skulls each.  

The RTP of this bonus segment is 96.52%, whilst the payout varies between x10 and x15,000

What does the provider of Treasure Island Live offer? 

Pragmatic Play, one of the leading software providers in the iGaming industry, is the developer of this exciting live game. 

Following its long line of successes, it comes as no surprise that this game supplier was able to develop online casino live games that can parallel those preceded by Evolution Gaming. 

From the professional studio set-up, the high-quality of the production, and the seamless flow of the gameplay, Pragmatic Play’s live casino games are exceptional

In this section of the article, we’ll be delving into some other live games by Pragmatic Play that are equally as exciting as their newest release. 

Other games from Pragmatic Play? 

Pragmatic Play is the proud supplier of some of the most loved live games in the entire iGaming industry.  

Amongst these well-known titles, the following section of this article will delve into some of our favorites

Mega Wheel 

Mega Wheel is Pragmatic Play’s first ever live entertainment game show. Whilst it was not the first online game of this genre, it provided an element that was previously lacking in the market and remains very popular with players to this day. 

A winning spin can reward the player with up to 500 times his initial bet and allows him to boost the number with a multiplier before the wheel is even spun

PowerUP Roulette 

Featuring a highly innovative Power Up feature, PowerUP Roulette enables each number to receive a multiplier during the Power Up round

Multiple powerups are possible, enabling you to significantly boost the values of the multipliers. 

The maximum multiplier possible in this game is a whopping x8000

Sweet Bonanza Candyland 

Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a mega-wheel style live game, including 6 separate betting positions

  • Four of these betting positions are numbers that reward the player with a fixed payout multiplier

  • The remaining two betting positions include 2 bonus games

This game keeps the player on the edge of his seat throughout its entire duration, delivering countless moments of suspense and a sharp edge of excitement

Vegas Ball Bonanza 

Vegas Ball Bonanza is another highly entertaining live casino game show that delivers a thrilling twist

It is a bingo game that invites players to select 3x3 grid tickets, each containing 9 numbers. The players must then match these numbers with the randomly selected balls that are drawn. 

Our review of Treasure Island Live 

We believe that the studio set up and the way the playthrough of Treasure Island Live flows is excellent. The presenters are very chatty and charismatic, making our gaming experience all the more pleasant. 

The desert island theme creates a deeply immersive experience, however the excitement that we were expecting to feel was very much diluted by the lack of any genuine surprise following the revelation of the gem values. 

We also believe that the number of bonus rounds in this game is far too many, ending up eliminating any sense of anticipation that typically accompanies unlocking a bonus, and not offering anything particularly extraordinary. 

The overuse of RNG is another point in their disfavor, as we believe that more live segments of the game could have been integrated.  

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves whilst playing Treasure Island Live, however we believe that this live game does not set itself apart from other, much more exciting, live entertainment game shows that are already on the market. 

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