The New JetX: F777 Fighter
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The New JetX: F777 Fighter

Following the success of crash games, many online casinos and software providers decided to create their own games in this genre. There is no doubt that crash games are easy to set up when the graphics are not at the heart of the development and the gameplay is very simplistic.  

Fortunately, new nuggets have appeared on the market, offering a real musical atmosphere, beautiful graphics, and a few extra features. This was already the case with JetX, made by SmartSoft Gaming in 2019, but this crash game will seem far too simple and empty in comparison with the new crash game F777 Fighter, made by software provider Onlyplay in 2021. 

Today, our experts here at Lucky7Bonus will take care of explaining what the new F777 Fighter brings, the notable differences with JetX, where you can play this crash game for free, as well as our general opinion of F777 Fighter. 

What is F777 Fighter? 

F777 Fighter is, at first glance, a classic crash game. The player takes off from an aircraft carrier and a multiplier is triggered, increasing over time.  

Unfortunately, there are plenty of enemies in your aircraft’s path, and it could explode at any moment due to artillery fire or an attack from another aircraft. 

The player's objective is to cash out at the right moment, i.e. before the plane explodes. At the start of the game, the player decides how much to bet. If the plane blows up and the player doesn't cashout in time, he or she loses the entire stake.  

Conversely, if the player manages to cashout at the right moment, then he'll win his stake with the multiplier displayed on the screen at the time of the cashout. 

The challenge for the player is to place the right bet, setting a maximum multiplier that's neither too low nor too high.  

F777 Fighter can be stressful, as the plane can crash right from the start, in other words, at x1. So, you won't make any profit, and in any case, no one is going to bet on a x1 multiplier. 

On the other hand, the multiplier can be very high, reaching x1,000 or more. In fact, there's no maximum multiplier on this creation!   

F777 Fighter offers a number of options for making the game automatic and taking a little less risk. At the start of each game, your bet can be automatically launched, leaving you free to cashout at any time.  

The second option allows you to cashout automatically from a certain multiplier, by choosing, for example, the x1.5 multiplier. In this case, the game will automatically cashout when the multiplier reaches x1.5.  

If, unfortunately, the plane is destroyed before your target multiplier, you lose your stake. 

So far, there's no difference between F777 Fighter and a classic crash game like JetX. Now let's see how F777 Fighter sets itself apart and breathes new life into the genre. 

Where to play F777 Fighter? 


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Millionz is one of the most comprehensive online casinos available today. Its game library features over 6,000 different games, including mini-games such as F777 Fighter. Its no-wager welcome bonus offers 100% up to $1,000, with 50 free spins on the slot Yeti Battle of GreenHat Peak by Thunderkick. 

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Playfina Casino 

It didn't take Playfina Casino long to establish itself as a quality online casino, since its arrival in 2017. Its games catalog is clearly its main strength, with more than 8,000 different creations, including the crash game F777 Fighter. 

Don't hesitate to consult the detailed review of Playfina, carefully compiled by our team of experts. 

Axe Casino 

Axe Casino is still a young casino, but it already boasts a rich catalog of games! Here, you'll find the best slot machines, the most popular live games, and a plethora of mini-games, including F777 Fighter.  

You can try it out by taking advantage of one of the two welcome offers available, which gives you up to $5,250 on your first 4 deposits, plus 150 free spins. 

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How to play JetX: F777 Fighter 

Playing at F777 Fighter couldn't be easier. First, you need to place your bet. To do this, determine the bet you wish to place, which can range from 0.50 to 50 Canadian Dollars, then click on Place a bet for the next round.  

It is noteworthy to point out that you can choose between two betting options when playing this game, should you wish to use two different strategies. 

Once the time for placing a bet is up, the game begins. The aircraft will take off from the carrier, triggering the multiplier. As the jet gains altitude, the multiplier will increase. Your aim is to reach the highest possible multiplier before the plane explodes, by clicking on Take

Auto or manual retreat 

During a game of F777 Fighter, your aim is to withdraw before the plane explodes. You can do this manually, but it requires the utmost concentration.  

For this reason, you may find it useful to use the automatic retreat function, which is activated as soon as the target multiplier has been reached. 

Multiple jackpot levels 

One of the features that sets F777 Fighter apart from other crash games is its progressive jackpot. This can be triggered at any time, as soon as the multiplier reaches a minimum of 3x.  

The game rewards the most daring players, because in order to obtain a percentage of the jackpot, you don't have to cashout! 

Are there any winning techniques in JetX: F777 Fighter? 

As with many crash games, F777 Fighter features a number of different strategies. These are mainly aimed at optimizing your chances of winning. However, it's important to bear in mind that these techniques are not 100% reliable, and by no means guarantee a sure-fire profit. 

Bear in mind that the casino will always come out on top in the long run, no matter how you play. 

The Martingale Method 

The Martingale method is a technique used in the world of gambling. It's easy to understand how it works. The aim is to double your initial bet. When you lose, you double your bet until you win.  

Let's say, for example, that you start with a bet of 1 Canadian Dollar. Knowing that your aim is to double your initial stake, you'll wait for the jet to reach the 2x multiplier. If the plane explodes before then, you logically lose your stake. The next time you play, you'll double your bet from 1 to 2 Canadian Dollars. 

This strategy is very misleading, however, since it can make you think you're winning in the long term. However, if you manage to win a game with a large stake, the majority of your winnings will be used to recoup all or part of your losses. 

Betting big on a low multiplier and vice versa 

This is a much-used technique that takes advantage of both betting options. This strategy combines risk and insurance.  

On the first option, you'll be betting a fairly substantial sum with a low target multiplier. On the other, you'll do the exact opposite. You're going to bet a small amount with a much higher target multiplier. 

With this strategy, you actually have two objectives: 

The first is to limit your risk by trying to secure a gain, however small, that can stabilize your balance. The second is to try to achieve a high multiplier, which could significantly increase your balance. 

Play in volatility and withdraw quickly 

If you're a risk-taker, then this strategy may interest you. Here, the aim is to capitalize on the volatility of F777 Fighter. You'll bet relatively high sums, and withdraw on low multipliers. 

On this crash game, there is no minimum multiplier. So it's up to you to withdraw at the right moment. The main aim with this technique is to ensure recurring winnings, even if the amounts are not astronomical. Be careful with your money, though, as the higher the amounts, the faster your balance can fall to zero. 

JetX: F777 Fighter on mobile and tablet devices 

As with many games, F777 Fighter can be played on mobile and tablet devices. This is always a great feature, as it allows players to enjoy the game from anywhere. We've tested both versions, to give you the most objective assessment of our gaming experiences. 

Mobile gaming experience 

We tested F777 Fighter on an iPhone 12 Pro smartphone, and we were delighted to see that everything has been optimized. The game adapts perfectly to the screen size and offers the same functionality.  

In addition to this, the second bet option can even be removed from the screen, so as not to overload it. 

Tablet gaming experience 

For the tablet gaming experience, we tested it on an iPad Air, and here too, we weren't disappointed. You can play in either portrait or landscape format, although we think the second option is more interesting. Otherwise, nothing changes, everything is optimized, and all functions are available. 

Comparison with the computer version 

Compared with the computer version, there are very few differences between the mobile and tablet versions. Most of the difference lies in screen resolution.  

On the other hand, OnlyPlay has done a remarkable job of optimizing the game for mobile devices. 

What's the difference between F777 Fighter and JetX? 

First of all, let's talk about the Smiley icon, which lets you share your emotions with other players. All participants will be able to see your smiley face appear on the right-hand side of the screen, a principle inspired by lives on social networks such as those hosted on Instagram or TikTok.  

Although it may seem trivial, it's a way of communicating with other players. Above all, it's a way to feel less alone when your plane crashes, or to share your success when a huge multiplier shows its face.  

In comparison, this feeling of loneliness was much more palpable when playing JetX. 

As for the really interesting bonuses in F777 Fighter, players can count on the refueling aircraft that will increase the multiplier coefficient.  

This aircraft will position itself in front of the Rafale to refuel it. Only at the end of this refueling will the multiplier increase by +20%, +40% or +60%. 

For example, if your multiplier is x7 and you get a +20% bonus, your multiplier will immediately increase to x8.4. This bonus becomes more attractive with larger multipliers. 

Please note, however, that the bonus will only apply at the end of the refueling. It's also quite possible that the plane will crash a second before the +20% bonus is applied.  

F777 Fighter will play with your nerves! 

The third difference with JetX is the progressive jackpot offered by F777 Fighter. This jackpot can be quite complex to understand, but we'll explain everything.  

Every time a player places a wager on F777 Fighter, part of that wager will be used to increase the total payout of the progressive jackpot. 

The jackpot can be triggered at any time above the x3 multiplier. For example, if the jackpot is triggered when the multiplier reaches x6, then all players who have not yet cashed out will share the jackpot total.  

Unfortunately, if you have cashed out before reaching x6, then you won't get a penny of the jackpot. 

Jackpot winnings will be redistributed equally among players according to their starting stake: the higher your starting stake, the bigger the percentage of the jackpot you'll receive. 

Of course, if you're the only player present, you'll win the entire progressive jackpot, which will then be reset to zero. 

Our review of F777 Fighter 

F777 Fighter is just as exciting as JetX for players looking for the thrill of pressure-induced gameplays and big multipliers.  

The additions are also very interesting. In particular, the option to communicate with other players present during the session via emoticons is an excellent idea that will enable players to share both their frustration and their victories. 

In addition to this, supply planes can give a real boost to your multiplier, with +20%, +40% or +60% to further optimize your cashout and achieve a handsome win.  

The progressive jackpot is just as interesting and will encourage you to wait for at least the x3 multiplier, a certain risk for a nice reward. 

The graphics and musical ambience have been reworked for the occasion by software provider Onlyplay, who has succeeded in making this crash game more innovative than its competitors.  

This is a great success for F777 Fighter, which climbs to the top of the podium. 

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