Top of the Slots: The Most Popular Slots in Canada Right Now
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Top of the Slots: The Most Popular Slots in Canada Right Now

Browsing the game library at your casino of choice could be an intimidating endeavour. The range of these catalogues could stand at anything between 500 and 4000 games on some of the biggest casinos online.

You might find yourself sticking to what you're already familiar with. That's why we're here to help you spice up your online casino experience. Hopefully our opinions will help venture into new worlds when you're playing.

In this blog post, we attempt to discuss the top games being played in Canada, coming from some of the best providers in the industry.

New games are released daily, so the consensus of what are the most popular games at the moment, regularly changes.

Our Top 3 Casinos for the Best Games

The chances are that you will be able to find any of the games we will discuss here at any online casino.

However, we thought we would also give you recommendations for casinos with varied game selections and which are 100% sure are licensed and secure.

At the moment, we would say that these are three of the most popular casinos in Canada:

  1. Twin

  2. Wildz

  3. ComeOn

They are all licensed by valid Gaming Authorities, guarantee payout for winnings and employ structured and safe measures for all the transactions taking place on their websites.

If you want to find out more, follow the links by clicking on each respective casino. The links will take you to our in depth reviews of these casinos.

Top 3 Games at Twin Casino

Sword of Ares

Inspired by characters from Greek Mythology, scenes of a Greek acropolis on a bright, sunny day stretch out behind your grid. Your companion throughout the game is Ares, the god of war himself.

This game is the sequel of the game Gates of Olympus by Pragmatic, which has also made it into this Top 3 list.

The reels are accessorized with gems, warrior's helmets and the faces of gods waiting to burst into an explosion of bonuses and multipliers for you to enjoy.

Interesting features of the game:

  • Tumbles

These are triggered when your spin results in a cluster of identical symbols. The tumble clears the grid of your wins, making space for new symbols and therefore further possible wins.

  • Multipliers

Unlocked by the tumbles, multipliers of different values are offered in this game.

  • Bombs

Can only occur if you had at least one tumble during your gameplay and will clear the grid making space for even more new symbols. The bomb will not explode before you have collected all your winnings from your previous spin.

The game is very user-friendly, and has easily accessible buttons which will explain the game more in-depth and tell you the monetary value of each of the symbols on the grid.

Thunderstruck Stormchaser

Another slot, based in the world of Norse gods featuring Thor the god of thunder. This is StormCraft Studios' fifth addition to this series.

In the background of the grid, a mysterious city, fogged up with gray clouds out of which the golden architecture shines.

The game is available both on desktop and mobile devices. It is not surprising it is currently one of the most played games at the casino.

This game includes:

  • A buy feature

Allowing you to buy more free spins should you need them. The buy feature is locked until you have progressed further into the game.

  • In-game free spins

Awarded to you when achieving a particular sequence of symbols.

  • Wildstorm

You never know when the storm is going to hit. This feature keeps you on your toes with the chance of hitting at any moment with the result of a free spin for you to play.

Although the graphics of this game are beautiful, it is not as straightforward to navigate as the previous game.

If you want to learn more information about the game while you play you will have to click the button, as indicated in the image below by the red arrows, and select 'paytable'.

Gates of Olympus

If you're ready to face the mighty Zeus, then this is the game for you. Also by Pragmatic, this has been a favorite amongst players since the series first appeared.

The game is designed in a very similar, almost identical way to Swords of Ares, of course, as they are part of the same collection. It is user-friendly, and you will effortlessly understand how to play and navigate.

All the same options that are available in Sword of Ares, regarding information about the game and values of the various symbols in the game, are available in Gates of Olympus too.

What does this game offer?

  • Pay-anywhere feature

A feature introduced by Pragmatic in many of their games, which is activated when the grid shows 8 consecutive identical symbols. This also has a boosting effect on the in-game multipliers and bonuses. This will also result in an immediate win.

  • Multipliers

The value of the multipliers in this game can range from 2x to 500x. The random nature of the game will not let you decipher which multiplier you will get or when maintaining the suspense throughout the game.

Would you dare to walk through the Gates of Olympus?

Top 3 Games at Wildz Casino

John Hunter and the Tomb of the Scarab Queen

Another of Pragmatic's hits, John Hunter, is a series of games which pays homage to popular culture. It is a clear nod to films like The Mummy or Indiana Jones.

This is a slot game with a very simple grid design of only 3x5 reels. Pragmatic likes making their games accessible, so just like the previous two games we have discussed, easy to find buttons are available which will lead you to more details about the game.

The game does come with many interesting features.

  • Money Collect

This features will allow you to collect a variety of in-game features such as free spins, extra credit and multipliers

  • Free Spins

You will also earn three spins when spinning a combination of three identical symbols

When compared to other games by Pragmatic, this game seems far too simple and not as interesting in terms of bonuses and special features. However, it is an all-time classic which is deemed to be the best chapter of this series.

Beast Mode

Something a little bit different brought to us by Relax Gaming.

This slot game starts off with almost cinematic animations which introduce the interesting features of the game, such as the available bonuses. A warm welcome, which will clearly let you know whether this is the game for you.

The design is an incredible rendition of an industrial gym space - colored with graffiti and set in a fictional, yet familiar setting. The animated background stars the protagonists of the game, who are urbanized jungle animals.

In terms of accessibility, this game is yet another where the design is not so straightforward. You can access game information by pressing the button indicated below by the red arrow.

Interesting elements of the game:

  • Interaction of the animated characters throughout the game

  • Bonus rounds which could multiply as high as 25000x

Overall, we think that graphically, this is one of the most appealing games of the ones we are discussing today, offering similar in-game perks as the other games.

Gods of Troy

It seems like the theme of mythology is a fan favorite at the moment.

This game is produced by Red Tiger and is inspired by the story of the battle of Troy, with many attractive bonuses and features for online casino players.

  • The grid

The grid in this game offers up to 30 possibilities of winning combinations and also employs a card-based gameplay integrated in the slots. Different value cards will lead to different amounts of winnings depending on their value.

  • Golden Shields

Paired with the in-game Golden Wreaths, they duplicate and turn into symbols, which at the end of the spin could earn bigger winnings. At the start of a new spin, they will disappear.

Be careful, as with most of these kinds of games, Gods of Troy has different RTP modes (return to player) which means the percentage and possibilities for winnings can be altered.

You can access more information about the game by clicking on the button as indicated by the blue arrow in the image below.

Get ready for a battle to the jackpot!

Top 3 Games at ComeOn Casino

Merlin's Grimoire

ComeOn Casino's game of the week is brought to us by Play'n Go, targeting the interests of those of you who are more interested in the world of magic and alchemy.

The grid, a stone structure framed with excessive mosses and greenery, makes the player feel as though winning the slot will unlock some mysterious passageway leading to a magical destination in this fantastical world.

Pressing the 'i' button as indicated below will give you tips and instructions for better gameplay.

The game offers diverse in-game features which we have not seen in any of the prior games, such as the possibility to split spins, increasing your chances of winning. During gameplay, you may also be granted free spins depending on the progression of your game.

We are interested in this game for the following reasons:

  • A complex and well-played story telling element

  • Made by a provider who has so far produced some of the biggest games in the industry, most of which fall in the book slot genre

  • An interesting context to experiment with splitting spins

Money Mines

A relatively new game by Buck States Entertainment which has found itself amongst the top games of the week at this casino, probably due to its novelty.

Unlike the other games, this game does not have a clear storyline it follows.

In fact, we found all the elements included to be rather haphazard, with the game being set in a mine and the main protagonists present in the slots being vikings. The connections between these stylistic choices for the game a bit farfetched.

This is not to say that the aesthetic is unpleasing. This modern, very colourful game still provides players with all they would be searching for in a slot game, especially in terms of bonuses.

  • Firepot

These symbols available in the slot could give you boosters of up to 2000x

  • Free Spins

As the game progresses you may receive free spins amongst your winnings

  • Bonus Wheel and Cart

The Bonus Wheel will be unlocked for a spin when you have earned free spins in-game. The Cart is one way to get free spins and will give you a total of 5

You can find more details about all of the special features of the game by pressing the button indicated below. We would say this game is a perfect casual slot game, especially for newcomers.

Rise of Merlin

Another game by Play'n Go from the same series at Merlin's Grimoire. Likewise, it is set in a world of trickery and magic, but not as mysterious as the previous game.

This time we find ourselves in a hall, very reminiscent of the grand halls we have seen in places like Hogwart's from the Harry Potter series.

As you can expect, this game is very similar to the previous one we described and to most of Play'n Go's other games:

  • Free spins collected through gameplay

  • Multipliers of up to 500x

  • Huge jackpot of up to 5000x your initial bet

  • A variety of symbols on your grid all of which come with different benefits and wins when in a combo!

This is a classic game, which has been a fan favorite since its release due to its similarity to previously released games.

A negative aspect of it is that it does not offer bonus games, so your winnings are only based on the spins you have available.

In the picture below, we guide you to the button which will give more in-depth instructions for you to understand your gameplay.

Thanks for Reading!

We hope this blog has helped you make your decision on which slot to try your luck at today!

Stay tuned for more updates from different casinos.

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