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Would you like to discover some of the best keno games available on Canadian gaming platforms? 

Here, we will discuss the most strategic tips and tricks, the most reputable software providers of keno games, and the best bonuses and promotions available, all of which can significantly enhance your gaming experience and potentially enable you to win big

The Origin of Keno 

Keno originates from Ancient China and dates back at least 2,000 years

During this time, the game was called by a different name: baige piao or pai-ko p’iao, meaning “white pigeon ticket”. This is a reference to a betting game in which homing pigeons were involved. 

During the 3rd century BCE, baige piao games were immensely popular and could be found in most provinces of China. In order to be able to host these games, the gambling houses would need to receive permission from their respective province governors who, in turn, would receive a share of the profits

Instead of using numbers like we do in modern Keno, baige piao was played using the first 80 characters in Qianziwen (“Book of a Thousand Characters”), a classic in Chinese Literature. 

It is also noteworthy to point out that baige piao is not only the ancestor of keno, but also of lotto and bingo. The game travelled to the United States with the aid of Chinese immigrants during the 1840s.  

The name ‘keno’ was borrowed from a corruption of the French word quine, meaning ‘group of five’. 

Today, keno is enjoyed all over the world, and is available to play in nearly all casinos in Canada.

The Best Casinos to play Keno 

In this section of the article, our team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus will be delving into our top recommendations for gaming platforms to play online keno on. 

Here, you’ll be able to take advantage of the generous bonuses and promotions offered by these excellent online casinos, as well as play some of the best online keno games in the iGaming industry. 

Playfina Casino | Overall best online casino for Keno games, including Keno Pop by 1x2gaming 

Playfina Casino is an excellent choice for your next online keno gaming experience. 

From a wide variety of keno games to generous promotions and high-quality features, Playfina can do it all. 

Register your player account today to benefit from a 100% 1st deposit Welcome Bonus up to $295 + 200 Free Spins! 

Millionz Casino | Great selection of Keno games, offering Keno by Spribe 

At Millionz Casino, you’ll be spoilt for choice between the exceptional online keno games available.  

Make sure to register your player account today to benefit from their wide range of generous bonuses and promotions, including a 100% Welcome Package of up to $1,000 + 50 Free Spins! 

Exclusive bonus

MyEmpire Casino| High-quality Keno Games available, including VIP Keno by SmartSoft Gaming 

MyEmpire Casino provides its players with an excellent selection of high-quality keno games to choose from, as well as countless bonuses and promotions that can enhance your gaming experience significantly. 

Register your player account at MyEmpire Casino today and take advantage of this exceptional Welcome Bonus: up to $1,200 + 300 Free Spins

Axe Casino | Offering popular Keno game, Book of Keno by Evoplay 

The online keno games available at Axe Casino are both excellent and of exceptional high-quality, enabling you to enjoy the best keno gaming experience possible. 

Register your player account on this gaming platform today in order to take advantage of a 100% 1st deposit Welcome Bonus of up to $1,500 + 50 Free Spins! 

Oshi Casino| Excellent Keno games available, including Super Keno by KA Gaming 

Oshi Casino offers its newly registered players a highly generous Welcome Bonus consisting of up to $6,000 + 200 Free Spins

At this online casino, the high-quality keno games to choose from are plenty, delivering a gaming experience that will be decidedly unforgettable! 

The Best Online Keno Providers 

Whilst there are several keno software providers for you to shift through, a distinction must be made between those who can successfully deliver an unforgettable gaming experience to their players, and those who often fail to do so

For this reason, we have made this distinction for you, enabling you to jump straight into the gameplays of some of the best keno game suppliers available! 

Betsoft Gaming 

The excellent online keno games developed by Betsoft Gaming invite players into the enigmatic world of this classic game. 

The quality of this software provider’s games is exceptional, and the highly immersive features included in all their gameplays do not fail to make their players come back again and again. 


1x2gaming is another exceptionally adept software provider of online keno games, enabling you to immerse yourself in a unique landscape created exclusively for you to enjoy. 

With a wide range of high-quality gameplays in its excellent portfolio, we highly recommend 1x2gaming for your next keno gaming experience! 

How to play Keno 

Here, we have listed a step-by-step guide that will provide a detailed explanation of how to play keno: 

  1. At the start of a game, you will receive a ticket featuring a range of numbers from 1 to 80. 

  2. Fill in this ticket with the amount of numbers, also referred to as ‘spots’, you’d like to play per game

  3. The maximum amount of numbers you can choose depends on the particular keno game that you are playing. Typically, you can choose between 1 and 15 numbers

  4. Following this, choose the amount that you would like to wager per game. Typically, you can choose to wager anywhere between $1 and $20

  5. You can also select how many keno games you would like to play in a row.  

  6. Mark the numbers from 1 to 80 manually, or, when playing online keno, choose to utilize the ‘Quick Pick’ option. This allows you to let the computer game randomly pick the numbers that will be selected. 

  7. All winnings are determined based on how many numbers match the draw, as well as the amount of numbers wagered

Keno Variations you might like 

There are a number of different variations that are associated with this traditional game.  

In this section, we will provide you with the best amongst these variants, providing you with an ample selection to choose from for your next online keno gaming experience, as well as a detailed explanation of each! 

Live Keno 

Live Keno is a variation of the traditional game that aims to replicate the experience of being at a real-life casino

This keno variant involves a live stream of the game being played in real time, featuring a live studio and a real-life casino dealer who conducts the game in its entirety. 

Live dealer keno games are particularly hard to find on gaming platforms, and the variety of software providers who have developed them is also lacking

Despite this, there are some hidden gems to discover, providing high-quality gameplays, innovative additions, and highly immersive features for you to enjoy. 

Power Keno 

Power Keno is another variation of keno that is quite popular. This variant allows the participating player to multiply his winnings by up to 4 times

This variation includes a standard keno card, but in order to activate this unique feature, the player must choose a Power Keno number

In the case that this number matches one of those drawn during the game, the player’s winnings are multiplied accordingly

The more drawn numbers match the numbers marked on the player’s keno ticket, the higher the multiplier will be. 

Super Keno 

Super Keno is a variant that grants keno players the chance to win much larger payouts than traditional keno allows. 

This gameplay stipulates that the participating players can utilize the same set of numbers during multiple rounds.  

In addition to this, an extra feature of this variant is that players can choose to take advantage of the bonus feature that permits them to choose an extra bonus number.  

If this number matches any of those drawn during the game of keno, the player’s winnings can be substantially increased

Combination Keno 

As the name of this variation implies, Combination Keno allows participating players to combine groups of numbers and, by doing so, open significantly more betting options

When playing this variation, players can choose to do the following: 

  • Choose multiple groups of numbers, therefore, as a direct reaction to this, create different combinations, and increase their chances of winning considerably. 

According to the amount of different combinations of numbers achieved, and how much the player bets on these numbers, the payout options will differ substantially.  

Daily Keno 

Daily Keno, as can be gleaned from its name, is a variation of keno that takes place on a daily basis

You’ll be able to find plenty of options for this type of keno to play.  

With some of these options, the time frame between each keno draw is only mere minutes apart, allowing players to enjoy a very fast-paced gameplay. 

In this way, the more rounds of the game you play, the higher your chances of scoring a win. 

When playing this variation, remember that winnings are determined based on the numbers that you choose, and the total amount wagered on each draw. 

Glossary of Essential Keno Terms 

In the following section of this article, we will delve into some of the most essential keno terms that, as an avid player of online keno games, you should definitely be aware of

Make sure to keep these definitions at hand when you embark on your next online keno gaming journey! 


‘Cage’ or ‘bubble’ is a term referring to a section of the apparatus used to hold and roll the keno balls around. These are later drawn during the game. 


‘Catch’ is a term that is used in keno to describe one of your chosen numbers being successfully drawn


The term ‘deuce’ is used to refer to 2 numbers, also referred to as spots, that are marked on the keno ticket by the player, and therefore grouped together

Keno Balls 

‘Keno balls’ refers to the balls that are drawn during a game of keno. These balls are marked with numbers from 1 to 80

Keno Board 

‘Keno board’, also referred to as ‘Big Board’, is referring to the display that indicates all the numbers that have been drawn for each individual game of keno that is taking place. 

In casinos, these are usually found in multiple areas where the players may be participating. 

Random Number Generator (RNG) 

A ‘Random Number Generator’ (RNG) is a program that is designed to ensure fair play: This program selects numbers to be drawn at random during a game of keno. 

Quick Pick

‘Quick pick’ is referring to an option given to players of online keno: This option lets the computer game choose the numbers on behalf of the player. 

Tips and Strategies for winning at Online Keno 

This section of the article will cover some of the best tips that can be implemented in your keno gameplays. 

It is important to keep in mind that keno is a game that is completely governed by chance, and no mathematical strategy can guarantee a definitive win.  

Despite this, however, there are some strategies that can aid you greatly during your gameplays. 

Multi-Race Cards 

This first strategy that we will recommend is one involving Multi-Race Cards

Most online keno sites offer their players the option to utilize Multi-Race Cards. These allow you to play a number of consecutive keno games using the same numbers for each. 

This strategy does not necessarily increase your chances of winning at keno, however it does save you time and energy from having to select the numbers again and again. 

Especially if your intention is to utilize the same consecutive numbers during multiple rounds of keno, it would be highly beneficial to consider integrating this strategy into your gameplays. 

Betting Strategy 

There are a number of betting strategies that you can choose to integrate into your keno gameplays. Here, we will place our focus on the following strategy: 

  • Playing smaller bets  

This is because higher bets do not necessarily increase your chances of winning. Rather, the payouts from any potential winnings will be higher, but so will the risks involved, thus leading to potentially larger losses in the long run. 

One of the most important aspects of keno to understand is that the size of your bet is not directly proportionate to the probability of you landing a win

Don’t Trust the Gambler’s Fallacy 

The Gambler’s Fallacy consists of the mistaken understanding of reality as follows: A result becomes likely, or equally less likely, in direct reaction to what had occurred before it. 

In terms of gambling, this is completely false, because the odds that dictate a result remain exactly the same in spite of any previous event. 

For example, stating that the result of a throw will likely be 7 because it hasn’t come up in a while is false because a 7 is equally likely on every roll of the die, and nothing is ever ‘due’ in a game that is completely governed by chance

For this reason, the final strategy that we recommend for keno is the following: Don’t Trust the Gambler’s Fallacy

Play Keno for Real Money 

Playing online keno games for real money is entirely possible at the excellent online casinos that we have listed in this in-depth guide to keno. 

Before doing so, however, we highly recommend that you try out the free online keno games that we have listed on the Lucky7Bonus website.  

In this way, you’ll be able to hone your skills and develop countless strategies that can aid you immensely when you’ll eventually be confident enough to play for real money. 

To do so, visit one of the excellent Canadian gaming platforms that we have complied in this article, and utilize your skills to boost your gameplay significantly!  

Can we play on mobile? 

Yes! Most gaming platforms allow you to play their selection of keno online games on your mobile devices

To accomplish this, simply download the online casino app of your choosing or copy and paste the URL link of the gaming platform you prefer onto your mobile device. 

Before doing so, however, it is important to select an online casino that offers mobile-friendly options to their players. 

To guarantee this, ensure that the gaming platform you select is adhering to the following criteria

  • The speed of the online keno games should be equally as fast as those played on desktop, with no lags or glitches detected. 

  • The quality of these games should not be diminished

  • The same promotions and features should also be available to mobile users. 

  • The website must be perfectly adapted to the screen of your mobile device. 

If you find that any of these criteria are lacking, then the online casino that you have selected is not adept at providing you with a mobile-friendly gaming experience.  


In conclusion, our team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus highly encourage you to check out our top recommendations for online Keno games, as well as the best Canadian gaming platforms that we have listed in this article. 

When doing so, don’t forget to take advantage of the highly generous bonuses and promotions that these exceptional online casinos can offer! 


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