Cash or Crash: An Exciting Crash Game by Evolution
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Cash or Crash: An Exciting Crash Game by Evolution

Who Is Evolution?

Evolution focuses on the development of live casino game show content and their game Cash or Crash fits this niche nicely.

You might have heard of Evolution by now and if not, you will soon discover their greatness within the industry.

Formerly known as Evolution Gaming, this game provider revolutionized the live dealer genre back in 2006 when they introduced themselves to the market. Since then, they have not failed at maintaining innovation in their creations making them one of the most popular providers in Canada.

This comes to no surprise when we take into consideration their dedication to quality and their ability to hit their players' needs right on the mark.  

As with any live casino game show, entertainment is at the heart of gameplay in Cash or Crash Live. We are impressed with how this element persists until the very end of the game, maintaining the interest of players. Gameplay is easy, tactical, and above all, fun!

If you want to know more about this game before trying it out yourself, stick around for our review.

What Is in It for the Player?

Players, prepare yourselves for an adventure-filled gameplay experience, starting off at your embarkation of the flying blimp, similar to the ones designed by Count Zeppelin.

The blimp will fly you over a bustling metropolis, all while the live dealer aboard leads your game. This interaction is in fact your first bet into the game.

Cash or Crash is an homage on Evolution's part, to their previous game show hits such as Monopoly Live and Crazy Time. For veteran players it will be obvious that the city above which the blimp floats above the same setting in Monopoly Live is set and the bonus rounds in Crazy Time.

The live dealer has the same role as in any other live casino game. They will control the process of the game and the lottery ball machine. The latter will provide players with green, red, or golden balls which are used to determine the outcome of each round of the game throughout.

The goal of the game: you must attempt to rise higher and higher into the sky with your blimp, also progressing through a climb of a 20-step ladder if you get the opportunity to.

This is where the contents of the balls from the lottery machine will have their effect. Say a red ball is drawn during your round. This would mean that you will crash down and therefore, so will your winnings. Each color of ball will have a different effect on the game.

To win, you must keep the blimp afloat. If the blimp crashes, the game is over. But don't be rash with your decisions and don't cash out too soon. The higher the blimp soars, the higher the multiplier for your betting stake.

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The Lottery Ball Machine

What does each different colored ball mean?

  • Green ball: progress to the next step in the ladder.

  • Red ball: causes the blimp to crash down.

  • Golden ball: builds a protective shield around your blimp which will annul the effect of a red ball should you draw one in the next round and also increasing the payout on the ladder with the next green ball.

What are your options in-game?

You are the one who chooses the fate of your blimp. The options you will face while you play are:

  1. Take all the money: cash out your winnings at the current multiplier.

  2. Take half of the money: cash out half your winnings and let the rest ride.

  3. Continue to another round: let all your money ride and let the the next ball decide how you will progress with your game.

If you succeed at climbing to level 20, you are rewarded with the grand prize of 18,000 times your betting stake. If you are lucky enough to draw the golden ball, that prize is boosted up to 50,000 times your betting stake.

Main Features of the Game

  • Interactive Lottery Ball Machine that changes the path of your game

  • An RTP (return to player) of 99%

  • The 20 step ladder, which is playable and proves your success in the game the higher you climb, with the chance of multiplying your winnings 18000x

  • The Golden Ball which triggers the 50000x multiplier and many other in-game bonuses

  • A social aspect to the game, where multiple players can play at once.

The Cash or Crash Pay Table

  • Step 1 - 1.2x (base game) - 1.2x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 2 - 1.6x (base game) - 1.7x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 3 - 2x (base game) - 2.2x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 4 - 2.7x (base game) - 3.1x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 5 - 3.6x (base game) - 4x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 6 - 5x (base game) - 5.6x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 7 - 7.1x (base game) - 8x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 8 - 10x (base game) - 10.5x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 9 - 15x (base game) - 16x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 10 - 21.5x (base game) - 24x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 11 - 33x (base game) - 36x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 12 - 54x (base game) - 62x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 13 - 95x (base game) - 105x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 14 - 160x (base game) - 175x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 15 - 310x (base game) - 360x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 16 - 550x (base game) - 760x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 17 - 1,200x (base game) - 1,500x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 18 - 2,900x (base game) - 4,000x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 19 - 6,800x (base game) - 11,000x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 20 - 18,000x (base game) - 50,000x (bonus triggered).

Our Final Thoughts

We have eagerly been waiting for more game show type games from Evolution, especially considering they are specialists in this genre.

Cash or Crash offers so many new, creative features, namely the inclusion of the lottery ball machine and the social aspect of the game.

The role-playing aspect, if we can call it that, where the players are passengers aboard a blimp, with the live dealer dressed in pilot-type attire, also really helps the player get lost in a fantasy.

It certainly maximizes their entertainment and enjoyment of the game, making this game unlike others of its genre.

There is an active decision making factor in the game which brings about lots of excitement: cash in, or lose it all.

While it is difficult to imagine Cash or Crash reaching the same heights of classics like Monopoly Live or Crazy Time, it definitely deserves a place in any online casino. It is certainly a game that will keep audiences coming back for more!

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