Snakes & Ladders Live: Complete Game Rules and Explanations !
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Snakes & Ladders Live: Complete Game Rules and Explanations !

For several months now, Pragmatic Play has been focusing on the production of live games. Following the launch of Boom City and Sweet Bonanza Candy Land, this highly reputable game supplier has released a new creation, one that has been available to play since May 24, 2023: Snakes & Ladders Live.     

Available 24/7, the game features sumptuous backdrops. In addition to this, an animator will embellish your session and make the experience of playing this game even more enjoyable.   

Our experts took the time to try out this highly volatile new game. As you'll read throughout our article, it's a very easy-to-understand creation that we highly enjoyed.     

If you enjoyed Snakes & Ladders as a child, you'll love this live game from Pragmatic Play. You can try it out at Millionz Casino, an exceptionally reputable gaming platform featuring a wide variety of high-quality games for you to shift through.  

Exclusive bonus

The Rules of Snakes & Ladders Live  

We like Snakes & Ladders Live because it's easy to understand. Upon accessing this online game, you’ll be able to view various betting options on your screen. Once you've made your choice, 5 dice are moved by a machine. Each face of the die has a specific symbol, allowing you to make combinations.  

Depending on the choices that you make, the combination of different dice will entitle you to different options, which vary according to what you've wagered. 

Snakes & Ladders Live betting options   

Before your game starts, you'll have just a few seconds to bet on the different options that are available to you:   

  • Diamonds: 2 diamonds = 1 x your starting stake | 3 diamonds = 2 x your starting stake and 4 diamonds = 5 x your starting stake.  

  • Stars: 2 stars = 2 x your starting stake | 3 stars = 5 x your starting stake and 4 stars = 20 x your starting stake. 

  • Stars and diamonds: 2 stars and 2 diamonds = 5 x your starting stake | 1 star and 3 diamonds = 8 x your starting stake and 3 stars and 1 diamond = 20 x your starting stake. 

  • ST: 3 ST symbols entitle you to the Snake Totem bonus. 

  • SL: 2 SL symbols + number 2 = 2 free spins on the bonus | 2 SL symbols + 3 = 3 free spins on the bonus | 2 SL symbols + 5 = 5 free spins on the bonus. 

The Snake Totem bonus  

The Snake Totem bonus is one of two bonuses available when playing this live game. To obtain it, you'll need a combination of three ST symbols on the same spin. The last die will tell you the number of spins you're entitled to. This can be either 2/3 or 5.   

Once this has been accomplished, the presenter will move on to a giant snake on which multipliers are displayed.   

To the right-hand side of your screen, a die will let you know how many squares you'll be able to advance. In addition to this, some squares allow you to multiply the value of any multipliers already on the grid. 

Keep in mind that the multiplier on which you finish will determine your final win.  

The Rolls bonus   

This second bonus is earned as soon as you get at least two SL symbols. The last die will tell you how many dice you're entitled to. On your screen are snakes and ladders that are featured in a starting grid of 64 squares.   

A die will indicate the number of squares that you'll be able to advance through.   

  • If you land on the bottom of a ladder, you'll go straight to the top.  

  • If you land on a snake's head, you'll return directly to its tail.  

A PowerUp symbol will allow you to increase the overall value of the multipliers present on your starting grid.  

Would you also like to test your luck with this Pragmatic Play creation? Then head on over to Millionz Casino where this innovative live game is hosted. 

Your final payout will depend on the multiplier on which you finish your game.  

How does a game of Snakes & Ladders Live work?  

You'll have just a few seconds to bet on the various options available. Depending on the type of bet that you have placed, the minimum and maximum stakes will vary: 

  • Diamonds | $0.1 - $1,000  

  • Stars | $0.1 - $1,000  

  • Combo | $0.1 - $1,000   

  • Snake Totem | $0,1 - $300   

  • Snakes & Ladders 2 Rolls | $0.1 - $800  

  • Snakes & Ladders 3 Rolls | $0.1 - $300 (excl. VAT)  

  • Snakes & Ladders 5 Rolls | $0,1 - $100 

Once the bets have been accepted, the game begins. The camera focuses on bamboos, which are divided into five ends. The first four have symbols: stars - diamonds - ST or SL, while the last has numbers, indicating your number of spins for the free games.   

The dice are rolled one by one by a machine. Following this, if you manage to obtain a combination that awards you with the bonus, the dice in the last bamboo will be rolled again. 

Once the throws of the dice have been established, the result of the combination will be displayed in the middle of your screen. If you manage to place a bet on the right combination, you win a prize.    

If one of the bonuses is won, the game continues; if not, it stops immediately. 

Snakes & Ladders Live maximum payout and RTP   

No matter what you play, and which bets you choose to place, the maximum Snakes & Ladders payout is capped at 10,000 times your initial stake, or at $500,000. Would you like to reach this maximum payout? We highly recommend that you try this immersive live game out for yourself at MyEmpire Casino.  

The theoretical return to the player (RTP) will vary depending on how you play the game. To make this a bit clearer, we've put together a table to summarize it for you: 

Bet TypeTheoretical Return to Player (RTP)
Diamonds96,30 %
Stars96,30 %
Stars and Diamonds96,30 %
Snake Totem95,09 % et 96,26 %
Snakes & Ladders Bronze95,57 % – 96,26 %
Snakes & Ladders Silver95,18 % - 96,31 %
Snakes & Ladders Gold95,71 % - 96,42 %

Does Snakes & Ladders Live work on cell phones?  

When playing Pragmatic Play’s Snakes and Ladders Live on a computer, we noticed that the game appeared to be loading quite slowly. When playing this game on our mobile devices, on the other hand, this slowed down gameplay was never an issue.    

In light of this, Snakes & Ladders Live seems to have been designed more for cell phones and tablets than for computers. When played on a mobile device, the game works perfectly well. As you can see from the following photo, bets are very easy to place.    

To change the value of your bet, simply click on the chips, as shown on the screen. This will show you the different bets available. 

It must be said, however, that there are a few problems with the display. As you can see from the bottom of our screen that is displayed in the image below, a whole lot of information is shown, and some of it is not clear.  

We strongly believe that this is an area for improvement in Pragmatic Play’s otherwise very captivating live game.  

Our opinion on Pragmatic Play's Snakes & Ladders  

When we first tested out Pragmatic Play’s Snakes and Ladders Live for ourselves, we had some very mixed feelings about this live game. It was quite difficult for us to see the final potential, but we soon realized just how explosive this game's bonuses can be.   

We really like the fact that the board game hasn't been altered too much. The scenery is quite beautiful, and the rules are easy to understand.    

All in all, if you take the time to discover this game, you'll realize that it's a hidden gem. There's plenty of volatility, and the maximum payout can be as much as 10,000 times your initial stake, which is a colossal amount.    

Do what our experts have done, take the time to play Pragmatic Play's Snakes & Ladders, and we promise that you won't regret it. 

If you’d like to play Snakes and Ladders Live, make sure to check out Wild Fortune Casino, a very reputable online casino that we highly recommend for your next live gaming experience. 

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