Imperial Quest: The Asian version of Dream Catcher !
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Imperial Quest: The Asian version of Dream Catcher !

On Tuesday April 25th, 2023, Evolution surprised everyone by releasing a new live game: Imperial Quest. This 24/7 live broadcast is aimed at a very specific audience: lovers of Asian culture.   

In a room filled with splendid decorations that are reminiscent of this region of the world, the player will find a wheel with 54 segments. For online casino purists, this game will ring a bell, as it's a revisited version of Dream Catcher

We tried this game out ourselves and enjoyed it just as much as the first version. The volatility is still there, and real jackpots can be won.  

In this article, our team of experts will delve into the complete rules of the game. We'll also provide you with a few tips and tricks which, depending on how you play this game, can potentially enhance your gaming experience considerably. 

Rules of Imperial Quest Live 

The game is very simple to understand. Before the dealer spins the wheel, you'll have a few seconds to bet on the six choices available to you:   

  • 1  

  • 2  

  • 5  

  • 10  

  • 20  

  • 40  

Once the allotted time has elapsed, the host launches the wheel. Once stopped, the camera will focus on the top of the wheel, where an arrow indicates the winning segment.   

If you placed a bet on the right segment, you would win the indicated value. 

What is the value of each segment?  

The six choices available to you all have different values. If you bet on the 1 and the wheel falls on this segment, then you will win 1 x your initial bet + your initial bet.  

If you decide to bet on the 20 and the wheel stops right on this segment, you will win 20 times your initial bet + your initial bet.  

The following table will help you understand how Imperial Quest pays out. We'll start with a starting bet of $1 for ease of understanding. 

SegmentStarting BetCalculationFinal Profit
1$1 1 (segment) + 1 (starting bet)$2
2$12 + 1$3
5$15 + 1$6
10$110 + 1$11
20$120 +1$21
40$140 + 1$41

The x 2 and x 7 bonuses  

Of the 54 segments, there are two that have no value: the x 2 and the x 7. When you fall on either of these segments, these squares multiply the value of all the wheel's winnings by X. For example, if the x 2 falls, all initial winnings will be multiplied by 2.  

If, on the next spin, the wheel stops on x7, your winnings will be multiplied by 14 (2 x 7). If you bet on the 1, it becomes x 14. On the 10, it becomes x 140, and so on.  

It's important to understand that during the time that passes between the fall of the first multiplier and the next spin, you won't be able to place a bet.   

Keep in mind, however, that initial bets placed before the wheel stops on a multiplier will be taken into account.  

How are the segments distributed on the grid?   

There are a total of 54 segments on the wheel. The higher the multiplier, the fewer segments it will have on the wheel. For example, a 1 will have 23 segments, while a 40 will only have 1.   

In the following table, we'll give you the percentage chance a number has of the wheel stopping on it:  

NumberNumber of segments% Chance of fallingTheoretical Return to Player (RTP)
12342,5995,24 %
21527,7895,31 %
5712,9690,42 %
1047,4195,65 %
2023,791,80 %
4011,8589,88 %
2 X11,85XX
4 X11,85XX

Depending on how you play, the theoretical return to player (RTP) may vary. But overall, if we add up the average for each segment, the theoretical return to player of this game is 93.05%. This RTP is significantly lower than that pertaining to other online games released by Evolution Gaming.  

Can Imperial Quest be played on mobile?  

We have tested Imperial Quest on various mobile applications and, during each of these tests, it has always worked perfectly well.  

We were particularly impressed with both the ease and the way in which bets can be placed: When the player needs to perform this action, the squares on his mobile device are enlarged.  

Once the allotted time has elapsed, the squares become less prominent, and it's the wheel's turn to become much more visible.  

We've never experienced any problems, although you may experience some connection problems from time to time. This might not necessarily be your fault, but slowdowns can occur.  

Depending on your specific preference, you can use screen rotation to enlarge the image and perhaps make it easier to see. The following screen shows the differences that can be perceived depending on how you position your screen.   

This image has been obtained from a Surface Duo phone. 

Our review of Imperial Quest   

We loved Evolution’s Dream Catcher, so of course, it stands to reason that we have also grown fond of Imperial Quest Live.  

One negative aspect that we ought to point out, however, is that we regret that Evolution didn't take the time to develop a new feature in this newly released live game.   

The game appears to be a copy/paste of the first version, but with completely different designs. 

For those who are completely new to the game, then yes, Imperial Quest is a real novelty. But for those who are experienced and familiar with live games, this release really brings nothing new.   

Yes, Evolution is looking to conquer a new market with this Asian-themed wheel. But we really regret that nothing new has been added to a game that is already well known and established.  

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