Free Bet Blackjack: The Complete Rules!
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Free Bet Blackjack: The Complete Rules!

Ever heard of Free Bet Blackjack? It's a new variant of the card game. Created by Evolution, it lets you double or split your hand, free of charge

It's a live game available 24/7 and accessible as soon as your balance is at least $5. The rules of the game are subject to a few variations, as we'll explain later. 

However, they remain very simple to understand. As a player, your aim is to have cards with a higher value than the dealer's. Be careful, however, not to exceed the dealer's value, and not to exceed the limit of 21

This type of game already exists. In the version we're about to present, however, each player manages his or her own cards. This is a change from the first version, in which all players have the same cards, and each manages his game as he sees fit. 

After several weeks of testing it out, we're going to explain the rules of this captivating game, as well as pass on some strategies that we’ve tried out ourselves. 

The differences with classic blackjack 

There are a few differences between classic blackjack and Free Bet Blackjack. Here's a table comparing the two games. 

Classic BlackjackFree Bet Blackjack
Dealer bust at 22.Dealer bust at 23.
When the dealer has 22, everyone wins (except those who have exceeded 21).When the dealer has 22, there is a tie, except for players who have exceeded 21 or who have made two-card blackjack.
You can split any pair, doubling your initial stake.You can only split pairs between 2 and 9 + AS. However, this will cost you nothing.
You can double any hand. This will double your starting bet.You can only double hands between 9 and 11. However, it won't cost you anything.

For the rest, the rules are the same. Payouts and side-bets work in the same way. 

Free Bet Blackjack is available at both Millionz and Wild Fortune online casinos. 

Is splitting or doubling free? 

Yes, it won't cost you anything, and that's why the game is called that. 

However, it will change your final payout. 

In classic blackjack, when you decide to double down, your initial bet is doubled. In Free Bet Blackjack, this is not the case. 

We'll use two examples to explain how payouts work when you use the free option to split or double your hand. 

We're going to make a $15 hand in classic blackjack

We have 10 and the dealer has 6. We decide to double our $15 hand

Our bet increases to $30

We win our hand and pocket $60

We'll make a $25 hand

We have 11, and the dealer 2

We decide to double our hand by $25

But the difference between this variant and classic blackjack is that if we double our hand, our starting bet is still $25

We win our hand: $25 (our hand) + $25 (the free double) is $50

How does a game of Free Bet Blackjack work? 

You'll have just a few seconds to bet on the various options available to you: 

  • Side bets 

  • Center bet 

  • Bet Behind 

Once the bets have been accepted, the dealer will deal. One card for all players (face up) and her (face up), and a second (face up) for all players and her (face down). 

In turn, starting on the right-hand side of the table, each player chooses what to do

As soon as all players have made their choice, the dealer will turn over her cards until they reach at least the value of 17

Which online casinos offer Free Bet Blackjack? 

  • Millionz Casino: +100% up to $1,000 + 50 free spins on the slot Yeti Battle of GreenHat Peak by Thunderkick! 

Exclusive bonus
  • Wild Fortune Casino: up to $450 + an additional 175 free spins split between your first 3 deposits

  • Playfina Casino: up to $1,470 + 600 free spins split between your first 3 deposits + a Secret Bonus to discover!  

If you'd like to find out more about these three excellent online casino sites before signing up, please take the time to read our full reviews

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