Plinko: Game reviews and best online casinos to play for free
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Plinko: Game reviews and best online casinos to play for free

Dive into the excitement of Plinko, an iconic online casino game. Inspired by both Japanese pachinko and a game show event, this creation combines both chance and strategy.  

Discover how Plinko can offer you a thrilling experience where every twist and turn can mean sensational winnings. 

 Play plinko for free at online casinos 

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Which online casinos offer Plinko? 

Advice on playing Plinko at Millionz 

Millionz offers players a games catalog comprising over 6,500 slot machines and other live games. There's also a plethora of mini games, including Spribe's Plinko creation. 

All bonuses and promotions offered by the platform are wagering-free, an aspect that particularly caught our attention. This obviously also applies to the exclusive welcome bonus, negotiated by us:  

Whether you prefer fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies, you'll be delighted by what Millionz has to offer, with over a dozen payment methods available.  

You'll also benefit from a smooth gaming experience, thanks to the presence of a gaming license and first-rate customer service, ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have.  

For more information on Millionz, please see our full review. 

Plinko reviews at Casimba Casino 

Casimba Casino has several plinko games in its catalog, including an excellent one developed by Hacksaw Gaming.  

The hallmark of this casino is its dedication to high-quality offerings, illustrated by a game library featuring over 3,000 games from the best software developers on the market.  

What especially caught our attention were the bonuses and promotions offered by the casino. The welcome bonus, in particular, is one of the most attractive we've seen: 

  • Up to $6,500 +125 free spins split between your first 3 deposits¬†

Here, too, you'll be entitled to a multitude of payment methods.  

At this online casino, you will find that there are many tools designed to provide you with assistance should you need it. The most suitable is without doubt live chat. 

If you'd like to find out more about Casimba Casino, read our full review on the Lucky7Bonus website. 

Plinko reviews at Cloverspin Casino 

At Cloverspin Casino, we've been able to play a number of different versions of Plinko, including the famous Spribe version. The platform is ideal for fans of slots, live games, and sports betting.  

The welcome offer is particularly generous, applying to the first deposit that you make at this online casino. Newly registered players are entitled to: 

  • 100% 1st deposit up to $1,000 + 50 Free Spins¬†¬†

Being able to deposit with cryptocurrencies is something to be greatly appreciated, and withdrawals are processed particularly quickly.  

Should you have any concerns, you can always turn to customer support, which offers a comprehensive FAQ and a highly professional live chat. 

Don't hesitate to consult our detailed Cloverspin Casino review to find out more about this exceptional gaming platform. 

How to play Plinko 

To explain how to play Plinko, we'll base ourselves on the Spribe version. When you enter the game, you're presented with a pyramid-shaped grid of small white dots. 

You are then presented with the interface that allows you to set up your game. Here, you are invited to place your bet, which can range from 0.10 to 100 dollars per ball, and to select the row of multipliers.  

As soon as you click on one of the colors, a ball will fall and make its way to the bottom of the grid. 

Here, you'll find three rows of different colors: Red, yellow, and green. On these rows are boxes, each containing a multiplier. 

The further the ball falls from the center of the pyramid, the greater your winnings. The squares in the center have lower multipliers. 

Plinko's RTP 

The Theoretical Return to Player (RTP) represents the percentage of money theoretically returned by a casino game. The closer this figure is to 100, the higher the long-term return. 

Plinko's RTP will depend on the version you're playing. Different suppliers have games with different RTPs, with the aim of making their creations more attractive than others. 

This percentage will also vary according to the risk you're taking. A high risk will logically have a lower RTP than a moderate or low risk. 

It's important to bear in mind that RTP is based on millions of game rounds and is only an average. 

The game's various providers 

As we mentioned earlier, plinko is a game that has had many versions. Whether in different universes or with different risk-taking, the same simplicity and excitement can always be found. 

The two best-known versions of plinko are undoubtedly Spribe's and the original plinko game found at Stake Casino. 

Focus on Stake 

One of the best-known versions of plinko is that of online casino Stake. Since its launch in 2017, this platform has undeniably been among the most popular.  

This notoriety is largely due to its games catalog, one of the most comprehensive on the market, including excellent slots from renowned suppliers, as well as live casino, sports betting, and e-sports options.  

In addition to this, the casino offers mini games, called Stake Originals, among which plinko is one of the most popular. 

For in-depth details on Stake, check out our full review. You'll discover, for example, that the platform offers a generous 100% welcome offer of up to 1,000 dollars. 

Focus on Spribe 

The game of Plinko has become very popular in the world of online casinos, largely thanks to Spribe. Although it is less well-known than Evolution or Pragmatic Play, the supplier stands out for the quality of its games.  

Founded in Tbilisi, Georgia, in November 2018, the company has rapidly emerged as a leader in mini games. 

In January 2019, Spribe launched its first groundbreaking mini-game, Aviator, marking the start of a series dubbed Turbo Games. It was as part of these Turbo Games that Plinko saw the light of day that same year.  

Spribe's growing reputation attracted the attention of many online casinos, leading to partnerships to integrate their creations. 

Such was the popularity of these games that many competitors also entered the market, offering their own versions of every game developed by Spribe, including Plinko. 

Plinko features 

One of the reasons plinko is so popular is because of all the features that surround the game. Whatever the version, the suppliers have all tried to make their creation unique. 

Automatic game mode 

The automatic mode feature allows the game to manage your rounds automatically. Incredibly practical, it lets you enjoy the game with just one click.  

You can customize the automatic mode by choosing the color of the multiplier, setting the number of games (between 3 and 500), and above all, setting loss and win limits.  

Additional options are also available, allowing you to adjust the stake in the event of a win or loss. 

Provably Fair 

No matter which version you play, Plinko's reliability is guaranteed. You can check this directly on the game, thanks to the Provably Fair label, a technology based on data encryption.  

This assures players of the integrity of the results, without the intervention of intermediaries. 

If that's not enough, an online casino must also hold a gaming license to operate legally. It is highly unlikely, not least because of its reputation, that a supplier will offer its creations to a platform that does not guarantee total reliability. 

3 levels of risk 

When playing Plinko, you can choose between three rows of multipliers, represented by different colors.  

Your choice will depend on how much risk you're willing to take, because depending on the color you choose, the multipliers present will be significantly more interesting, but the risk of losing will also be much higher.

You'll obtain the biggest multipliers if the ball falls in the rightmost or leftmost squares of the grid. 

You can also choose the number of squares, between 12 and 16 to be exact. Like the multipliers, the more squares you have, the greater the payout, but the higher the risk. 

Here's the maximum payout for each color, depending on the number of squares:

Number of squaresGreenYellowRed
12 casesx11x25x141
14 casesx18x55x353
16 casesx35x118x555

Instant betting 

The instant bet feature is particularly interesting for impatient players who don't want to wait for the ball to reach its final destination.  

By opting for the instant bet mode, the player obtains the result of his bet immediately, without having to watch the full animation of the ball. 

While this may be a practical feature, we feel it takes away some of the game's charm. That charm lies precisely in discovering the path taken by the ball, in the hope that it will head for the most attractive multipliers. 

Plinko strategies 

As with many casino games, it's possible to implement strategies in plinko. 

Of course, it's important to bear in mind that none of these techniques are 100% reliable. Plinko, like all games, is based above all on chance. 

We prefer to say that these strategies are designed to optimize your chances of success.  

Using automatic spins 

Although not really a strategy, using automatic turns can be a good way of managing your balance. 

We advise you to take advantage of the fact that you can adjust your bet according to the results of previous rounds. 

Don't hesitate to set loss limits, which will enable you to limit the damage in the event of a negative series.  

Finally, it's also a good idea to proceed in increments. For example, you play 10 balls, then analyze the results to adapt to your next level. 

Betting on yellow and green levels 

This strategy is particularly suitable for players with smaller bankrolls.  

The aim here is not to land big wins, but rather to increase the chances of regular victories. 

The focus is on the rows of green and yellow multipliers. Although these two colors offer lower multipliers, they also carry less risk.  

The main aim of this approach is to limit losses while offering the possibility of winning up to 118 times the initial bet. 

Alternating between the green and yellow colors is essential, while also adjusting the stakes. The use of the automatic mode feature can prove useful in facilitating the management of this strategy. 

Betting on red levels 

If you're more of a hothead, this is the strategy for you! There's no room for caution here, as you bet the maximum in a bid for a big win! 

This strategy involves taking big risks. You'll need to place large bets on the red multiplier row, occupying as many squares as possible (16).  

With this approach, you're betting entirely on luck, hoping to hit the most attractive multipliers, or even the maximum win of 555 times the initial stake! 

It's important to note that this technique is primarily aimed at players with a large balance, as everything can be lost in just a few rounds of play. 

Advice on playing Plinko on your mobile 

You can play Plinko directly from your computer. But more and more players are choosing to play on their cell phones or tablets. 

We wanted to find out whether plinko could also be played on mobile devices, and above all, with the same intuitiveness. 

We decided to try it out for ourselves. Whether on our cell phone or tablet, we found that the game is fully optimized! 

All you have to do is go to your favorite casino site offering this creation, directly from your device's browser. Log in and find the game in question. 

We've noticed no changes from the web version. All features are present. 

Our review of Plinko Casino 

We love Plinko. Whether you prefer a cautious strategic approach or reckless daring, the multiple variants of this game offer a unique experience for all types of players. 

Optimization for mobile devices ensures seamless accessibility, enabling enthusiasts to enjoy Plinko wherever they are.  

With its attractive features, fairness proven by the Provably Fair label, and the ability to customize your strategy, Plinko stands out as a very intriguing option. This is particularly true for players looking for an alternative to classic casino games. 

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