Coin Miner: Game, Reviews, Best sites 2024
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Coin Miner: Game, Reviews, Best sites 2024

Coin Miner, the mining mini game, is a popular feature of many online casinos, and has become an instant hit with players. Many suppliers compete to create their own interpretation, and so Coin Miner, developed by Gaming Corps, is born.  

This original version of the famous game is particularly appreciated for its exceptionally high volatility

Which online casinos offer Coin Miner? 

Playfina Casino 

At Playfina Casino, we were able to play Coin Miner. The platform's library sports over 40 highly reputable software providers, including many Gaming Corps titles.  

These include the very best in slot machines, classic table games, live dealer games, and plenty of crash games to choose from. 

The generous welcome offer applies to your first three deposits, a feature we found extremely appealing. New players can take advantage of: 

  • Up to $1,470 + 600 free spins + Secret 4th deposit bonus 

The wide choice of payment methods will satisfy most, while withdrawals are processed particularly quickly.  

Should you have any concerns, customer service is always on hand, with a comprehensive FAQ and, above all, a highly professional live chat.  

For more information, read our in-depth Playfina Casino review

Axe Casino 

Axe Casino's games catalog includes both the first and second version of Coin Miner. On this gaming platform, you'll find that a plethora of excellent mini games are on offer. 

There's a reason why we fell in love with this platform. The quality of its bonuses and promotions are very generous, with a welcome offer that is highly commendable.  

Newly registered players can benefit from: 

  • Up to $5,250 + 150 free spins split between your first 4 deposits 

Here, you’ll find plenty of payment method options to choose from, ensuring that they will suit as many players as possible. 

To find out more, read our full Axe Casino review on the Lucky7Bonus website! 

Oshi Casino 

Much like Axe Casino, Oshi Casino offers both the first and second installment in the Coin Miner series. This exceptional gaming platform boasts a very decent game library, with over 3,000 creations to choose from. 

The various promotional offers are one of the casino's strong points. One example is the welcome bonus, which applies to your first four deposits.  

We especially like the fact that it offers both bonus money and free spins on popular slot machines:  

  • Up to $6,000 + 200 free spins upon registration of your player account 

The reliability of this online casino is unquestionable, as is demonstrated by its reputable gaming license. Players in difficulty can call on the professional live chat service which is available 24/7

If you'd like to find out more, we invite you to read our full review of Oshi Casino

How to play Coin Miner 

As with any mining game, your aim is to uncover gold coins while avoiding the mines hidden on the grid. 

Once you've placed your wager, you'll need to decide how many mines to hide on the grid. You can choose between 1 and 24 mines per game. 

The more mines you place on the grid, the greater the risk, and consequently the greater the potential payout.  

What we particularly like about Coin Miner is that the maximum potential payout is clearly displayed. This value adjusts according to the number of mines selected. 

Coin Miner Stakes 

Gaming Corps' Coin Miner allows you to bet between 0.20 and 100 dollars per game. 

Coin Miner offers a flexible wagering range, allowing players to choose the amount of their initial stake and adapt it to their budget. 

The maximum payout depends not only on the initial bet, but also on the number of mines selected. 

Coin Miner Symbols 

Coin Miner features only two distinct symbols: The coin and the mine.  

As you'd expect, the aim is to avoid the mines while accumulating as many coins as possible to increase your multiplier

If a mine is discovered, the game ends, resulting in the loss of your stake. So, it's crucial to keep an eye on the number of mines on the board and the amount you're betting, so as not to risk losing your entire stake in one go. 


In this game, multipliers are key elements that influence your potential winnings.  

When you start a game, your initial stake is multiplied by a certain factor. This multiplier determines the value of the coins collected during the game. 

With each coin uncovered, your multiplier increases. The more coins you collect without hitting a mine, the higher your multiplier, which improves your earning potential.

The TreasureBoost feature can be randomly triggered to boost the value of multipliers, further increasing your potential winnings. 

The Cash-Out 

The cash-out feature is central to Coin Miner. It's important to know that you don't have to uncover all the hidden coins to walk away with cash.  

You can end your game at any time and recover your accumulated winnings by pressing the orange Cash-Out button. 

However, if you're bold enough to try and collect all the coins and succeed, you'll win the maximum payout

Coin Miner's RTP 

The Theoretical Return to Player (RTP) represents the percentage of money theoretically returned by an online casino game.  

The closer this figure is to 100, the more money you're likely to make over the long term.  

Please note, however, that RTP is calculated on the basis of millions of game rotations and is therefore only an average

With regards to Coin Miner, supplier Gaming Corps reports that its creation has an RTP of between 96.62% and 97.28%.  

This variation is explained by the possibility of putting more or fewer mines into play. 

Focus on Gaming Corps 

Coin Miner is an online game developed by Gaming Corps, a provider that, while perhaps less well-known than Pragmatic Play or Evolution, has been active on the market for almost 10 years.  

Founded in 2014 in Sweden, Gaming Corps quickly positioned itself as a serious online game creator. Over the years, the company has launched numerous slot machines such as Raging Zeus, Baby Hercules, or more recently Luke E. Chance and the Book of Luck

It's in the field of mini games that Gaming Corps has really caught the public's attention. More and more online casinos are offering mini games from this creator. 

Coin Miner strategies 

Coin Miner offers a wide range of strategies. However, it's essential to note that none of these strategies is infallible, and none guarantees a 100% success rate.  

Here are some of the most popular Coin Miner strategies. 

Using a welcome bonus 

Using the various bonuses offered by a casino to play Coin Miner can be an interesting strategy for optimizing your gaming experience. Such is the case with welcome bonuses

By taking advantage of a welcome offer, you have the chance to increase your initial capital, enabling you to start with an amount greater than your initial deposit. 

However, it's essential to read the bonus conditions carefully, especially the wagering requirements, to avoid any surprises when withdrawing your winnings. 

Using the Martingale Technique 

The Martingale Technique is a strategy commonly used in many casino games. It's a technique that takes into account your previous losses

At Coin Miner, the principle is the same. You start your game session with a starting stake of one unit. If you win, you collect your winnings and continue with the same stake.  

However, if you lose, the strategy is to double your stake to two units for the next game. You continue this process until you obtain a win

It's essential to treat this technique with caution, as it can be quite deceptive. Ultimately, even if you win, the winnings will not significantly exceed the initial stake. What's more, it carries the risk of depleting your bankroll very quickly. 

Make regular cash outs 

We understand that it can be tempting to go as far as possible to try and win back as much money as possible.  

However, isn't it better to win small amounts frequently than to win big once

That's why we recommend adopting a strategy that optimizes your chances of walking away with even a modest profit.  

Before starting a game round, choose a number of mines that represent a good compromise between risk-taking and the chance of winning, and set yourself a goal.  

Decide that once you reach a certain multiplier, you’ll click on the Cash Out button to secure your winnings. 

Play Coin Miner on your mobile 

You can, of course, play Coin Miner directly from your computer. But more and more players are choosing to play on their mobile devices

We wanted to test whether Coin Miner was also suitable for players using their smartphone or tablet. 

So, we carried out some tests and discovered that, whether on a cell phone or tablet, we encountered no problems whatsoever when playing Coin Miner! 

All you have to do is visit a casino site offering this game, directly from your device's browser. Log in and find the Gaming Corps creation. 

Nothing differs from the web version, with all features preserved and available for an equally optimal gaming experience. 

Other Gaming Corps games 

In addition to Coin Miner, Gaming Corps is also known for other creations. Whether it's instant games, slot machines, or table games, the Swedish supplier never skimps on quality

Here are just a few of Gaming Corps' most popular games. 

Raging Zeus Mines 

What happens when you mix the world of a popular slot machine with the adrenaline of an instant game? You get Raging Zeus Mines. 

Released in April 2023, this game takes the Coin Miner principle and adds the mythological universe of the Raging Zeus slot machine. 

Here, it's not mines that try to block your way, but snakes


In the category of instant games, plinko is also a benchmark. In 2022, Gaming Corps launched its own version of this game. 

Here, you're faced with a pyramid-shaped grid of small white dots, in this case called pins. At each turn, you drop one or more balls, in the hope of seeing them fall into a square with a high multiplier


Like Plinko, Aviator is another popular instant game. In view of its success, Gaming Corps decided to offer its own version of the game in 2022

While nothing changes in principle, it's the graphics that really make the difference. Skyliner's 1930s ambiance is very much to the fore.

Multihand Blackjack 

In addition to slot machines and instant games, Gaming Corps has also branched out into table games

Multihand Blackjack is a perfect take on the famous table game, offering players the chance to play several hands at the same time

Our review of Coin Miner 

We're delighted with the experience offered by Coin Miner, an exceptional version of the original mining game.  

It's remarkable graphical appeal perfectly illustrates the care Gaming Corps takes in designing its games. With its considerable potential, we also appreciate its ease of access, suitable for all players.  

Although various strategies can enhance your sessions, it's crucial to remain cautious and only play with what you can afford to lose

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