Curaçao License: The most common online casino license
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Curaçao License: The most common online casino license

The Curacao license is one of the most popular on the online casino market. Although it's widely known, players don't necessarily understand how useful it can be for them. That's why our experts have taken the time to analyze in detail the conditions that a casino must meet in order to obtain it. 

As you'll see throughout our article, this approval guarantees a number of things, not least of which are safety standards. Here, you'll also find the best casinos in possession of a gaming license. 

What is a Curaçao license? 

The Curaçao License is a certificate issued by the Curaçao Gaming Authority. It has been obtained by many of the sites present on our platform. 

This license is often displayed at the very bottom of the casino you're at. Clicking on this little label takes you directly to the license. In this way, you can always check the validity, or otherwise, of the site you're playing on. If you can't find the license at the bottom of the site, look for it in the terms and conditions of the online casino in question. 

The following example comes from the licensed gaming platform Oshi Casino

The best online casinos with a Curaçao license 

Millionz Casino 

This ultra-secure site has a gaming license that you can find at every turn on the platform. We love going there, because every transaction is secure, as evidenced by the padlock next to your search bar. 

But security isn't Millionz Casino's only strength, as our experts explain in a comprehensive review of the site. 

MyEmpire Casino 

MyEmpire Casino is owned by Rabidi N.V., a highly reputable company in the world of online casinos. In addition to a gaming license that is accessible at the bottom of your page, this online casino has implemented an SSL system. This means that every transaction you make is encrypted. For KYC purposes, your personal information will also be in safe hands. 

Like Millionz, MyEmpire Casino offers a unique experience, with an exclusive bonus that you can discover in our in-depth review

Axe Casino 

Owned by Dama N.V., Axe Casino is a fully licensed and registered gaming platform. It boasts a high level of security, as is evidenced by the presence of the Curacao license and the SSL system. 

The padlock that attests to security is always present throughout your browsing, but also when you deposit and withdraw money on this platform. 

We love playing at Axe Casino for its security, and especially for its no-wager bonuses. You can find out more about this welcome offer in the review that our experts have written about this unique site. 

How do I obtain a Curacao license? 

To obtain a gaming license, an online casino has to meet some very important expectations. Security is of the utmost importance to the government, which is unwilling to grant a certificate to a site that jeopardizes player safety. 

Before approval is granted, the site has to pass a large number of tests, which can last several days or weeks. The license has a cost and is not valid for life. This is something we find reassuring, as the site must continually comply with the rules if it wants to keep it. 

Even once a site has received its license, there may be checks carried out in order to ascertain if they are still complying with the rules. If they don't, the license is suspended, and will only be restored once the platform once again meets these expectations. 

Obtaining a gaming license can take between 2 and 3 weeks. 

Having a Know Your Customer (KYC) system 

KYC is a mandatory step for players wishing to make their first withdrawal request. The purpose of this process is to verify that you are, in fact, the person behind the player account. To obtain the license, Curaçao wants each site to verify the identity of its players. 

This step is also important for verifying that a player is, for example, over 18. If a gamer does not meet KYC expectations, the casino won't give that player their funds. The documents requested are often the following: 

  • Identity card 

  • Bank statement 

  • Proof of address 

Keep in mind that some sites will even ask for a photo with your ID.  

A clean bill of health 

Casino owners must have a clean record: no criminal record, company funds, etc. The government wants to be sure that the people running the online casino are completely legitimate and have the necessary funds to pay their players. 

Listing all casino games 

To receive a gaming license, the State of Curaçao wishes to verify the completeness of all the games that an online casino offers players. RTP, maximum winnings, bonus purchase functionality - your game must not undergo any technical modifications carried out by the site. 

In addition to this, every platform that wishes to receive a gaming license must present an RNG (Random Number Generator). This technology assures players that each game round is independent of the next, and that the site cannot interfere with the outcome of a round. 

A casino-specific bank account 

Every casino applying for a Curaçao license must have a specific bank account for the company's activities. The State of Curaçao wants to be able to verify the site's monetary funds at all times, so as to ensure that, in the event of a dispute, the site can pay its players. 

This is also a way for the site to verify that the casino complies with the anti-money laundering policy. 

Having a website 

Every site wishing to obtain a license must have its own infrastructure in the casino's name. This means dedicated servers, a special website, etc. This will enable the Curaçao authorities to ensure that the gaming platform you are playing on meets all the technical infrastructure requirements. 

Before receiving a license, the platform undergoes extensive testing, particularly with regard to the security of players' personal and banking information. If the slightest flaw is found, the site cannot obtain the license. 

Detailed site rules and conditions 

To be as transparent as possible with players, the State of Curaçao requires sites to clearly explain the rules and conditions that players must respect. It's essential that the site is as transparent as possible on absolutely every point. Withdrawal, deposit, security, personal data, etc., everything must be as detailed as possible. 

This is a very important point that the authority looks at before issuing the license, as they don't want players to be caught off guard. 

The Curaçao license: what does it guarantee for players? 

Throughout this article, it is evident that casinos must meet very high expectations before they can obtain this certificate. As you can imagine, the reason this is such a long and complicated process is to ensure one specific thing: player safety. 

Online casinos can often suffer from a false image, and the authorities are fighting every day to change it. Gone are the days of money laundering, now it's time for a whole host of checks and balances. 

Gone are the days of rigged games; now, every company must comply with drastic rules to obtain a license to operate. 

As online casino players, we all want to play on a secure site. Once our data has entered the Web, we don't want it to end up in the wrong hands. For this reason, playing at a casino that holds this license assures you of many things. 

Complaints to the Curaçao authorities 

If an online casino is licensed and you have a dispute with it, you can always use their jurisdiction to help you settle it. Take the time to check that the country in which you reside is authorized. Depending on your geolocation, Curaçao may not be able to support you in your claim. 

Self-exclusion from casinos 

For sites in possession of a Curaçao license, you'll have the option of self-excluding yourself from the site. Depending on the platform you're on, you'll be able to do this directly from your account settings, or you'll need to contact the casino’s customer service. 

This is the case on Millionz, where the only way to exclude yourself from the site is to contact customer support. Depending on the reason you give to the platform’s customer service, your account may be blocked either permanently or for 24 hours. 

Help for gambling addicts 

Casino gambling can have a detrimental effect on your financial health. The vast majority of gamblers play for fun, but a small majority fall victim to gambling addiction. 

To counter this growing phenomenon, the Curaçao license has set up a service to help you if you fall victim to it. The aim is to protect you as much as possible, and above all, not to leave you in a situation that could change your life in a negative way. 

Secure personal and banking information 

This is one of the key points for players: the security of personal and banking information. The Curaçao Gaming Authority makes it a point of honor to ensure that players' banking and personal information is as secure as possible. 

To achieve this, the sites must offer very high levels of security, notably by encrypting all information so that it cannot be stolen. 

MyEmpire Casino is no exception! 

If the site doesn't meet the authority's (very high) expectations, then it won't receive approval. 

That's why we advise all players to visit the platforms we've listed in this article. They are all licensed to ensure your banking and personal security. 

Games are not rigged 

To receive authorization, casinos must prove that they have implemented RNG. This technology certifies that each game round is randomly generated by a system that the casino cannot rig. 

This assures players that their session is governed solely by chance, and that the casino cannot change the outcome of a game round as it sees fit. 

Are Curacao-licensed online casinos reliable? 

Yes, all online casinos licensed by Curaçao are reliable. The authorities don't issue their licenses at the drop of a hat, and they're very careful about which sites they approve. 

As you've read throughout our article, there really are a lot of rules for a casino to follow if it wishes to obtain a license. 

Playing on a site with a Curaçao license ensures that you'll find a secure platform where your personal and banking information is encrypted. 

Another Curacao-licensed casino is Playfina Casino, an exceptional gaming platform we've reviewed in-depth. 

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