Bonus Hunt: How to make a successful bonus hunt
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Bonus Hunt: How to make a successful bonus hunt

In today's article, we will take a look at a popular practice in the online casino world. More specifically, casino streamers and their viewers. 

What is a bonus hunt? 

A bonus hunt, as the name suggests, is a hunt for bonuses. The principle is simple: collect as many bonuses as possible on as many slot machines as possible and open them when the balance is zero.  

Once you've received a bonus on a slot machine, you need to exit it to save the bonus, and then move on to the next one. Don't forget to make a note of the slot machines on which you've received a bonus. 

Once you've reached a balance of zero, it's time for the most exciting part of a bonus hunt: opening the chain of bonuses.  

This is the part that makes the idea of a bonus hunt so interesting for players: you are able to go down to zero and then more or less back to your starting balance. 

Of course, nothing can be taken for granted: it is possible that the player will receive some particularly bad bonuses and end up with a much lower balance than he did at the start of the bonus hunt.  

That's why we warn you not to go overboard on your bets. Below, we'll take a look at the best way to go on a bonus hunt on your own, while, at the same time, minimizing the potential risks involved. 

Bonus hunts democratized by casino streamers 

This gaming method has been democratized by casino streamers. It allows them to advance their wagering in a fairly straightforward manner.  

What's more, bonus hunts are exhilarating to watch and attract a large audience, especially at the end when the streamer opens all the accumulated bonuses. That's why there are so many streams on Twitch offering this concept. 

Which casinos accept bonus hunts? 

Whether wagering or playing with the use of raw money, we've selected our top casinos for bonus hunts: 

Exclusive bonus

How do I go about a bonus hunt? 

There are several factors to consider before embarking on a bonus hunt. The following are our tips for carrying out a bonus hunt under optimum conditions. 

Have a chart to keep track of bonuses 

You'll need a chart to keep track of the slots on which you've earned a bonus. You can either create your own or buy one ready-made. Here at Lucky7Bonus, we offer one through our completely free VIP club. 

This kind of table also gives you statistics such as the average multiplier, the best slot machine, and your profit. 

Having a site that accepts bonus hunts 

The bonus hunt is an abuse of technology. When going on a bonus hunt, players take advantage of the ‘save’ option that some software suppliers make available on their slot machines. Basically, this technology saves the game in case a player has a connection problem.  

This backup then allows the player to restore his current game, so that he can take advantage of his bonus without it passing him by. In addition to this, it displays his winnings directly. 

As far as bonus hunts are concerned, a second point is bothering the online casinos. Some players had noticed that if they did a bonus hunt during a wager and their balance reached zero, the wager was cancelled.  

However, the bonuses on the slot machines were still there, so all they had to do was open the bonus to receive cash directly. 

Naturally, the casinos immediately sounded the alarm and banned this practice. Today, all but a handful of casinos accept bonus hunts.  

At Lucky7Bonus, we've decided to let you know whether or not our partners allow bonus hunts. To check if an online casino accepts this practice or not, simply click on the information button available on all our offers where you'll find two lines of information about bonus hunts: 

  • Bonus hunt allowed (RAW): when using your cash without a deposit bonus 

  • Bonus hunt allowed: during a deposit bonus 

A balance with depth and appropriate stakes 

No matter what your balance is, you can go on a bonus hunt. But after a lot of trial and error, we've come up with a maximum bet based on your starting balance.  

To give you an idea, it's best to set your stake for each slot machine at 0.05% of your starting balance. This allows you to tank potential bonus difficulties as much as possible, as well as to try to make a profit on your bonus hunt.  

Of course, this isn't a miracle cure, and it is still possible for you to find that luck isn't on your side during your hunt. 

For more volatile players, you can raise the maximum wagering percentage to 0.10% of your starting balance. Above that, it will become complicated to make a bonus hunt and make a profit simultaneously. 

How the bonus hunt works 

Searching for slot machine bonuses 

Now that you've found an online casino to start your bonus hunt at, you can start to farm the slot machines.  

The most interesting bonuses are, of course, those with free spins, like Book of Dead, where you must obtain three books in order to be able to take advantage of the bonus that is available. 

As soon as you've obtained these three books, you can leave the slot machine and note it on your bonus hunt table. 

It's worth noting that some software providers don't provide the option to save bonuses, so you need to be sure that that is the case prior to playing the game. Here's a list of game suppliers that we are certain offer players the option of saving their bonuses when they exit the slot: 

Some options enable you to save bonuses for weeks or even months, while others only save them for 12 hours. We therefore recommend that you complete your bonus hunt in less than 12 hours. 

Accumulating until the end of the balance 

Now that you understand how to obtain a bonus on a slot machine and save it, repeat the operation by filling in your bonus hunt table. 

Opening bonuses with a little breakeven, if possible 

Once you've collected as many bonuses as possible, it's time for the most exciting moment of all: Opening all your bonuses. 

On our bonus hunt table, there's an indicator to let you know how well you've started your bonus hunt: the breakeven multiplier.  

This factor shows you the average multiplier needed to return to your starting balance. It's calculated according to your balance, your bets, and the number of slots you've accumulated.  

As a general guide, the average multiplier for a bonus hunt at the end of its opening is between 50 and 75. 

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