Online casinos with a minimum deposit of $10

In this article, our experts will share with you some of the best online casinos offering a minimum deposit of 10 dollars. You'll quickly see that depositing a small sum like this on a platform can prove to be very advantageous

This is particularly true for players who are new to gambling, or even for those on a limited budget. Here, we'll take you through the pros and cons, how to choose the right casino and, above all, some tips on how to make the most of your 10-dollar deposit! 

Highly generous welcome offers are also on offer! 

Which casinos to play at with a minimum deposit of 10 dollars? 

The vast majority of online casinos featured by our experts require a minimum deposit of 30 dollars. However, there are also several platforms that only require a minimum deposit of 10 dollars

Our team has put together a small selection of casinos where you can make a 10-dollar deposit and benefit from generous welcome offers. This choice has been made subjectively, based on our experience with each of them. 

Jackpot City Casino 

Enjoy the excellent features at Jackpot City Casino! This gaming platform lets you deposit as little as 10 dollars using e-wallets or bank transfers.  

In addition to this, this online casino is one of the fastest payout platforms that you will find on the Canadian iGaming market.  

New players are welcomed to Jackpot City Casino with a generous welcome bonus

  • 100% up to $1,600 + 80 free spins for every $1 deposit 

Read our full review of this intriguing gaming platform, written by our experts. 

Spin Casino 

Spin Casino offers its players a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, each with a minimum deposit of 10 dollars. From then on, you can take advantage of its comprehensive game library, which includes slots, table games, and live dealer games

Whatever banking method you choose, you'll be able to deposit as little as $10. An ideal amount to start your adventure on this quality platform. 

With a deposit of 10 dollars, you can take advantage of the following highly generous welcome offer

  • 100% up to $1,000 + 10 daily free spins 

You can read the full review of Spin Casino, written by our team of experts. 

Ruby Fortune Casino 

This alluring online casino lets you deposit as little as 10 dollars. Here, you can enjoy one of the 450+ creations in the games catalog.  

Its gaming library includes a variety of high-quality slot machines, as well as live casino and timeless table games

Ruby Fortune Casino offers its newly registered players an attractive welcome bonus

  • 100% up to $750 + 10 daily free spins 

Take a look at our full review of Ruby Fortune Casino, written by our team of experts. 

Advantages and disadvantages of a casino with a minimum deposit of 10 dollars 

Being able to deposit 10 dollars at an online casino certainly has its advantages, but of course, it also has its disadvantages. In this section of the article, our experts have listed the various pros and cons of this deposit limit.  

Please keep in mind that this listing is based on our personal experience. Depending on your expectations and objectives, some advantages may appear as disadvantages and vice versa. 

Advantages of casinos with a minimum deposit of $10 

All slot machines are accessible with a $10 budget
If you lose everything, you only lose $10
Numerous payment methods are available
The $10 can be boosted by a bonus

Disadvantages of casinos with a minimum deposit of $10 

Some bonuses require a deposit of more than $10
Withdrawal minimums at some online casinos may be difficult to achieve on a 10-dollar budget
Live games are difficult to play due to minimum wagering requirements

Payouts for a 10-dollar deposit 

As we have previously stated, online casinos offering minimum deposits of 10 dollars have many methods for depositing and withdrawing. 

From traditional currencies to modern cryptocurrencies and e-wallets, our experts have tested everything to bring you a comprehensive analysis. 

To illustrate our points, we'll carry out our examples at Jackpot City Casino and Ruby Fortune Casino


At several of the online casinos that we have partnered with, you can place a deposit with the cryptocurrency of your choice, from among those on offer. 

You can also withdraw using the same cryptos. The advantage here is that, once the request is accepted, you'll receive the money immediately. However, there are a few things you'll need to watch out for: 

  • The cryptocurrency you're going to use 

  • The address and network used 

If you enter the wrong address, the money will be lost. The same applies to the network. If you decide to withdraw in Bitcoin whilst using the Ethereum network, the money will also be lost

Finally, you should be aware that fees will be applied to every transaction you make via cryptocurrencies. Don't blame the casino for this, as it's totally beyond their control.

Digital wallets 

The gaming platforms that we have listed in this article offer various electronic wallets with which you can make transactions on the platform. 

Whether for deposits or withdrawals, the process is extremely easy. All you have to do is enter the e-mail address of the account you wish to send the money to. You will most likely be redirected to the wallet's website to confirm the transaction. 

Once this has been done, the money will appear directly in your account. For withdrawals, you'll still have to wait for the platform to validate the request. 

The various e-wallets that are available at these online casinos include Neteller, PayPal, and Skrill

Bank transfer 

At Jackpot City Casino, you can make a deposit via bank transfer, starting at 10 dollars

After entering the desired amount that you wish to deposit, you will be redirected to a third-party site, where you can select your bank. You will then need to log in to confirm the transaction. 

Deposit methods

Withdrawals are much simpler. All you have to do is enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and your IBAN number

On certain platforms, however, you will also need to provide additional information, such as the BIC and name of the beneficiary. Once the withdrawal request has been accepted, the money usually takes between 2 and 5 working days to arrive in your bank account.

The advantage of Jackpot City Casino is that the gaming platform uses instant transfers. This means that you'll receive your money as soon as your withdrawal request has been validated

Bank cards 

The bank card is probably one of the most widely used deposit methods on gambling platforms. So, it's no surprise to find it among the methods of payment offered at Ruby Fortune Casino

Whether you wish to place a deposit or withdrawal, the principle is the same. You'll need to indicate the amount you want to deposit/withdraw, then enter the information on your credit card:  

  • Card number 

  • Name on card 

  • Expiration date 

  • Cryptogram (often on the back of the card) 

While deposits are made immediately, withdrawals made with a credit card can take from 2 to 5 working days, after validation by the online casino in question. 

Casinos generally offer the option of saving card details, to speed up future deposits/withdrawals. This is not something we do, and neither is it something we’d recommend implementing. 

Strategies for making the most of your 10-dollar deposit 

In this part of the article, we're going to introduce you to different strategies that you can implement in order to make the most of your 10-dollar deposit. Given that the amount deposited is relatively small, it's important for players not to play recklessly, or risk seeing their session end prematurely

Please note that these strategies are not intended to guarantee that you'll walk away with a profit! It may happen, but only by chance. Keep in mind that the casino is always the winner

Bet on games with a high payout ratio 

As mentioned above, the main objective with a 10-dollar budget is to make it last, in the hope of seeing it grow. To do this, we can only advise you to look for games with a high payout ratio

For those who don't know, the Theoretical Return to Player (RTP) is a figure indicating the money you will theoretically receive in return for playing a slot machine. The closer this figure is to 100, the more money the slot machine is expected to return to you over the long term. 

With a deposit like that, slots are bound to be the games you'll turn to most. On average, the RTP is around 96%, so it may be worth looking for games with a higher percentage. Examples include The Catfather (98.10%), Mega Joker (99%) and 1429 Uncharted Seas (98.60%). 

How useful is demo mode? 

We often hear from our competitors that demo mode can be useful for training on a slot machine. Sorry to disappoint you, but this statement makes no sense

There's simply no point in practicing on a slot machine before playing for real money, because online casinos are all about chance! All the platforms we offer feature a Random Number Generator (RNG)

This technology ensures that each spin is completely independent of the previous one, with no manipulation whatsoever. So, no matter how much you "practice" on a slot machine in demo mode, it won't change your luck when you play for real money. 

The sole purpose of a demo mode function is to find out how a slot machine works, and whether you like it enough to play it again with real money

Testing a large number of available games 

With a deposit of 10 dollars, it's a good idea to play the minimum stake on as many games as possible. In this way, you'll be able to discover a large number of games and, as you go along, your preferences will become more refined.  

This strategy is very similar to that of demo mode, but the advantage here is that you also have the chance to win real money, which is obviously not the case when you play in fictitious mode. 

Take advantage of bonuses 

Depositing 10 dollars at an online casino can earn you some very attractive bonuses. We regularly choose offers that boost our balance by a certain percentage, so that we can start our session with a little more money

For example, the welcome offer at Jackpot City Casino gives us a 100% match-up of up to $1,600 + the possibility of earning 80 free spins for every $1 deposit made. 

In addition to this, new players can take advantage of a 100% match-up welcome bonus of up to $750 at Ruby Fortune Casino. This means that taking advantage of this generous offer will enable you to receive a 10-dollar bonus for a 10-dollar deposit! 

How do I choose a $10 deposit casino? 

For a new player, it can sometimes be tricky to know which online casino to choose. 

Fortunately, our experts have unrivaled experience, and in this section, they'll give you a few tips to help you choose the right platform

Once you've familiarized yourself with these suggestions, you'll find it much easier to make your choice. 

The games on offer 

Whether you're depositing 10 or 100 dollars, it's important to play on a platform with a quality games catalog! That's why our experts advise you to select a casino with the best games on offer. 

To do this, take a look at our recommended sites, and see for yourself the strength of their offerings. 

Most casinos offer thousands of games, such as the most popular slot machines on the Canadian iGaming market: 

There are also various table games and live dealer games to choose from, but these are not the most suitable if you have a budget of 10 dollars

Game suppliers 

It's important to pay attention to the game providers that an online casino has partnered with. After all, a casino can offer thousands of games, but if you find that the majority don’t come from popular providers, your experience can prove to be quite frustrating

For our experts, the presence of the following companies is considered essential:  

As with the games, you can discover the providers available directly on the platform. Most online casinos let you filter their game selection by software provider

The need for a gambling license 

An online casino must have a gambling license in order to operate legally. To this end, platforms have their sites tested by third-party companies, often run by governments. 

The presence of such a license guarantees the reliability of the casino in question. This includes the casino's ability to pay you. It also assures players that games are not rigged and that transactions are fully encrypted and secure. Finally, a license is issued to a platform that combats money laundering. 

Very often, platforms like to highlight their license to operate at the very bottom of their page, wherever you are on their site. 

Customer support 

It's also vital that an online casino offers its players top-quality customer support. In addition to this, it's important that they are presented with multiple options that can help them whenever they encounter a problem, whatever it may be. 

This concern may be of a general nature, and so there is usually an FAQ section, which groups together the most frequently asked questions.  

If, on the other hand, the problem is more complex, then it is more beneficial to approach the live chat, which will put you in touch with an agent who will help you until your problem is resolved. 

While some are available 24/7, others have set hours. In case the chat is closed, you always have an e-mail address at your disposal. 


As the people primarily concerned, players are certainly the best placed to talk about their gaming experiences. That's why it can be very interesting to consult the various reviews available on the Internet. 

However, as with everything on the net, you need to be careful not to believe everything you read. Sometimes, players who have lost a lot on a particular platform can vent their anger by posting very negative reviews, even though this is not necessarily true

So be careful what you read and try to make up your own mind. 

Other minimum deposit limits 

If you've had a good experience after depositing 10 dollars, it might be worthwhile to play for a bit more money. Of course, you can always play at the same casinos, but you can also choose to discover new ones!  

If you decide to make a minimum deposit of 20 dollars, you'll have a whole new range of platforms at your fingertips! Our experts have compiled in-depth reviews for each of them, where exclusive offers await you: 

Exclusive bonus

Our team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus have also written a comprehensive article on these exceptional online casinos that only require a minimum deposit of $20.  

To discover what these gaming platforms can offer, and the various advantages and disadvantages of 20-dollar minimum deposit limits, make sure to click here

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