Online casinos with a minimum deposit of $20 

There are many exceptional online casinos that accept a minimum deposit of $20. In this article, our experts will share with you the best gaming platforms that accept this minimum deposit limit. 

As you'll discover by reading this article, depositing at least $20 at an online casino has many advantages. For those of you just starting out, we'll also pass on a few tips on how to attempt to boost your bankroll

In addition to this, we’ll explain how to recognize a good online casino with a minimum deposit of $20. 

If you take the time to read this article, you'll even discover some exclusive welcome offers

Which casinos offer a minimum deposit of $20? 

On our site, the majority of platforms that we recommend have a minimum deposit of $30. Despite this, there are plenty of excellent online casinos that offer a $20 minimum deposit limit. In the following lines, we'll introduce you to our favorite platforms

We're sharing them with you because these gaming platforms bring together everything we love

  • The best slot machines 

  • A gaming license 

  • Many ways to deposit and withdraw money 

This choice is completely subjective and is based on our gaming experience at these various casinos. 

Millionz Casino 

With cryptocurrencies (ETH, BTC, etc.) or traditional currency ($, €), you can deposit as little as $20 at Millionz Casino. Deposits are very fast and take just a few seconds to reach your account. 

If you decide to place your trust in us, you can even take advantage of an exclusive welcome offer

  • + 100% up to $1,000 + 50 free spins 

Valid only on your first deposit, it's available from $20 upwards. And as our experts explain in our Millionz Casino review, bonuses are not subject to any wagering requirements

Exclusive bonus

Casimba Casino 

Would you like to enjoy a highly advantageous welcome bonus for just $20? Then go to Casimba Casino. By clicking on our link, you'll be entitled to: 

  • up to $6,500 + 50 free spins when you register 

Here, you'll find the best slot machines available on the Canadian iGaming market. From Sugar Rush to Wanted Dead or a Wild, there's something for everyone. 

In our Casimba Casino review, we explain in more detail why this platform stands out from the rest

Want a taste? 

Register your player account on this exceptional gaming platform today! 

Lucky8 Casino 

With a minimum deposit of $20, Lucky8 Casino offers a unique casino experience.  

This online casino offers six different deposit methods. And whatever you choose, you'll be able to deposit as little as $20. An ideal amount to start your adventure on this quality platform. 

With this deposit, you can take advantage of this highly generous welcome offer on your first 3 deposits

  • Up to $1,000 + 200 free spins 

You can read the full Lucky8 review written by our team of experts. 

Izzi Casino 

With a minimum deposit of $20, Izzi Casino offers a truly unique experience. On this platform you'll find thousands of different games, including those from Pragmatic Play and Evolution

By clicking on our link, you can take advantage of an exceptional welcome offer that is valid on your first deposit

  • 100% up to $600 + the possibility of up to 500 free spins 

We've written a full review of Izzi Casino, in which you'll find the views of our experts. Here, we explain why this gaming platform stands out from many other casinos on the market. 

Legzo Casino 

Legzo Casino is a gaming platform that we highly enjoy playing at. The graphics are sublime, and the site's interface is very pleasant

A variety of high-quality slot machines are on offer, and you can even take advantage of a generous welcome offer with a deposit of at least $20: 

  • 100% up to $600 + 500 free spins 

In our Legzo Casino review, we give you more details about this unique site.  

So don't hesitate, put on your best outfit, and set off on your Legzo Casino adventure. 

Advantages and disadvantages of casinos with a minimum deposit of $20 

As with everything, casinos with a minimum deposit of $20 have a few negative points. However, they are minimal when compared to the real advantages that these platforms offer. 

Since we've been playing on these sites, we've put together a comprehensive list of their pros and cons

They are, of course, the fruit of our personal experience. For this reason, keep in mind that they may differ according to your expectations and gaming experience. 

Advantages of casinos with a minimum deposit of $20 

Advantages of casinos with a minimum deposit of $20 
Most welcome offers require a minimum deposit of $20
Access to the best slots and live games
You can play multiple slots with $20 or more
You can play more volatile games than with a smaller budget
Numerous ways to deposit your money

Disadvantages of casinos with a minimum deposit of $20 

Disadvantages of casinos with a minimum deposit of $20
Not all budgets can afford such a large deposit
Some sites require a minimum withdrawal of $50, which can be difficult to achieve with a $20 deposit

Payouts for a $20 deposit 

If you manage to have a good session with just $20, it's time to pay up. If you've put your trust in us, you'll have plenty of ways to withdraw your money. 

It can be difficult for some people to understand how to place a withdrawal, so we're going to explain it to you. 

To do this, we'll use Millionz Casino as an example for each method. 


The advantage of cryptocurrencies is that, once your withdrawal request has been accepted, you'll receive the money immediately

When you decide to use this method to withdraw your money, you'll need to pay attention to three important things

  • The cryptocurrency you will be using 

  • The address you will enter on the site 

  • The network you will be using 

If, when you withdraw, you enter the wrong address (For instance, you place a Bitcoin withdrawal and you enter your Ethereum address), the money will be lost

As for the network, you need to be careful to use the right one. If you decide to withdraw in BUSD (Binance USD) using the ETH network, but generate an address that doesn't use the right network, the money will also be lost

It's important to be aware that fees are generated for every cryptocurrency transaction you make. They may vary according to the number of transactions in progress on the network. It's not the casino's fault, it's the crypto that works this way. 

Digital wallets 

All the gaming platforms with a minimum deposit of $20 that we have listed in this article will allow you to withdraw with the use of digital wallets

Withdrawal is particularly easy

  • All you have to do is enter the e-mail address of the account you wish to send the money to. 

Once the withdrawal request has been accepted, it will only take a few seconds to receive your money. 

The best-known digital wallets are MiFinity, Skrill, and Neteller

These electronic wallets are very popular with players because as soon as a transaction is carried out, the money immediately appears or disappears.  

In this way, using a digital wallet will allow you to always know where you stand financially

Bank transfers 

Bank transfer is the most popular withdrawal option at online casinos. It allows you to receive your money directly into your bank account. 

The process is simple: 

  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw 

  • Enter the IBAN of the account from which you wish to receive your money. 

On some gaming platforms, however, you'll also need to enter your BIC/SWIFT and the name of the beneficiary

Once the withdrawal request has been accepted, it can take between 2 to 5 working days for the money to reach your bank account. 

Some gaming platforms offer their players instant transfers, so you’ll be able to receive the money as soon as the withdrawal request has been validated. 

Bank cards 

An increasing number of gaming platforms allow you to withdraw money directly from the online casino with the use of your bank card

This payment method option works much in the same way as an IBAN, since you'll receive the money directly in your bank account

The information that you need to enter in order to receive this payment is as follows: 

  • Credit card number 

  • Cardholder's first and last name 

  • Expiry date 

  • CVV number 

The waiting time for card withdrawals may be longer. Depending on your bank, this can take between 2 to 5 working days. It all depends on the day of the week when your withdrawal request has been accepted. 

Strategies for making the most of your 20-dollar deposit 

If you’re thinking of placing a 20-dollar deposit at an online casino, our experience will allow us to give you the best advice in this regard. 

If you think it's impossible to make big money with such a small deposit, think again

We've been lucky enough to climb to over $1,000 with a deposit of just $20 to begin with

First and foremost, we'd like to remind you that the casino is all about chance. This means that what worked for us once may not necessarily work for you. 

Participating in tournaments 

One of the first things we can recommend is that you take part in the various tournaments available, including the Drops & Wins tournament

This tournament is hosted by Pragmatic Play, a game supplier we recommend that you play when you have a small balance. This company offers highly volatile slot machines on which you can win a lot of money, even without getting to the bonus games. 

This is the case with Gates of Olympus where the x500 bomb can drop even during classic games and win you a lot of money if it connects

You're in luck: all the online casinos we offer have this tournament. And you won't even need to register to take part, since it happens automatically as soon as you play on one of the supplier's machines. 

If you manage to meet certain conditions, you'll be eligible to win immediate prizes. This could help you obtain a nice boost to your balance. 

Practice in demo mode 

Playing slot machines in demo mode for the purpose of training is a solution offered by many of our competitors. We, on the other hand, don't think this strategy is really necessary

Quite simply, this is because the casino is a game of chance, and practicing on a slot machine before you play is therefore pointless

Every casino we recommend to you is in possession of a gaming license. An important criterion for this is the presence of a Random Number Generator (RNG)

This technology ensures that each round of play is completely independent of the previous one, and that the results of each round cannot be known in advance

As a result, you can spend hours trying out a slot machine in demo mode, but it won't make any difference to your potential future results. 

However, this strategy can be useful for people who want to discover a slot machine before putting any money into it. In addition to this, it's a great way to find out if you like the game in question. 

Using bonuses 

Taking advantage of bonuses is the option we use the most in order to increase our balance. If you add up all the sites we offer, you're entitled to bonuses all week long. 

Here are our two favorite bonuses for a deposit of just $20: 

Millionz Casino Week-end Bonus 

  • 50% up to $1,000 + 20 free spins worth $0.10 and $0.20 

This bonus has no wagering requirements. In addition to this, we really appreciate the free spins that are included in this offer. 

Lucky8 Casino Super Saturday Bonus 

  • 25% up to $750 split between your first 3 deposits on Saturdays 

This means that with a $20 deposit, you’ll be able to start playing with $25

The Martingale Method 

We're not going to beat around the bush: the Martingale method is the WORST technique to use at the casino. There are three reasons for this: 

  • With $20, you can lose your money very quickly. 

  • In the event of consecutive defeats, you'll have to bet large sums for small winnings. 

  • The Martingale technique is prohibited at many online casinos. 

What's more, Martingale can only be used on roulette, which severely restricts your gaming experience. 

The aim is simple: you must only place bets on red or black. Martingale really limits your casino experience, which is why we recommend you never use it. 

How to choose a $20 deposit casino 

If you're new to the casino world, it can be hard to know how to choose a good platform

We've been browsing the different sites out there for over a decade now. We've built up a wealth of experience that enables us to give you the best advice before you sign up to a casino. 

We strongly recommend that you do this before depositing any money on a site. If you don't follow these steps, you'll probably regret it. 

These checks only take a few seconds to complete. 

The games on offer 

An online casino without the best slot machines on offer can quickly become boring. That's why we strongly recommend that you check out the games before you sign up

If you decide to use the sites we've listed here, you'll find the very best

The vast majority of platforms grant you access to thousands of different games

In addition to slot machines, you'll find live games (blackjack, Crazy Time, etc.) for a unique experience. Thrill-seekers will be delighted by the presence of dozens of progressive jackpot slot machines

And don't forget to check that the casino regularly updates its games catalog. This is the case for all the platforms listed in this article.

Game providers 

The best game providers should be offered at the casino. These include: 

At Millionz Casino, there's even an option to filter the games based on the game provider of your choice. 

Depending on your location, some game providers may not be available. It's up to you to ask customer support whether certain games are available or not. 

The five gaming platforms that we've included in this article feature some of the best game developers. For this reason, it's a pleasure for us to visit these online casinos. 

A gambling license 

It's essential for an online casino to hold a gambling license. Here at Lucky7Bonus, we ensure that all the sites we pass on to you are in possession of one. 

For a player, this license guarantees several things: 

  • Your personal and banking information is secure 

  • Game spins are guaranteed by a Random Number Generator (RNG) 

  • The casino has the necessary funds to pay you 

  • Fights against money laundering 

These aren't the only things it ensures. In addition to these, a reputable gaming license guarantees a long list of positive aspects for the player. 

To verify that an online casino is in possession of a gaming license, you'll need to check for this information at the very bottom of the gaming platform you've stumbled upon. 


Who better to talk to about their gaming experiences than gamers themselves? That's why we recommend you read all the reviews on the Web

However, be careful before reading every single review on the Internet about a casino. 

Some people have lost a lot of money on a site and will go out of their way to speak ill of it, even though it might actually be a particularly good one. On the other hand, the opposite is true for people who win a lot of money. 

It's very important to ensure that the reviews you read are backed up by evidence

Finally, a player's overall experience can be completely different from one person to the next. 

Before you register or play at an online casino, take the time to browse the site carefully

Other minimum deposit limits 

If you can't afford to play at a casino with a $20 minimum deposit, we can recommend other sites for you to play at. With a minimum deposit of $10, you'll find the best slots and live games on offer. 

On the vast majority of platforms, you'll even be entitled to a highly generous welcome offer

We've also spent many, many hours trying out these sites. They're secure, fun to use and, best of all, they'll pay you if you win

Our experts have taken the time to write a comprehensive article on casinos with a minimum deposit of $10. We invite you to read it very carefully, as it contains exclusive information

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